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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z revisits his prophecy of April 5 2022 where he revealed some interesting information about Disney. He prophesied that Disney will take a financial hit and will be shaken greatly; they may try to hide it but it’ll spiral out of their control. 

He then proceeded down to his broadcast of April 30 2023, where he recounted his teachings about hope in the middle of darkness. He reminded us that we’re in a time of darkness, where there are challenges in society, and the antichrist spirit is ravaging the lives of people; but then consoles us with the word of God in Psalm 73:1-20 which reveals a great hope that we should hold unto. He then went on to remind us that things may be going well for our persecutors, and we may feel left out by God, as though we’re cast away; but the Lord charges us not to envy them or be bitter because their end would be a terrible one.

Moving on, Joseph revisits his broadcast of May 2 2023, where he analyzed the dark times with Todd Coconato, and what we can do to overcome these times and at the same time, win souls for God. He then reminded us that we have the answers to what we’re experiencing in the world today. Additionally, Joseph revisits his broadcast of May 3 2023, where he taught about anointing and its principles. He recounted the meaning of profane fire and analyzed how we can identify real anointing and false anointing. He reminded us that true anointing is effortless, while false anointing involves toil. He also made us understand that the number one driving force for false anointing is monetary motivation. 

Furthermore, Joseph recounted his broadcast of May 4 2023, where he discussed constitutional truth with Massey and the power of local governments in the US. He reminded us that the States possess more power than the federal government; he went on to prove this by recounting some events that took place in the past. He then reminds us that the Lord does not need numbers to win, He only needs people who would trust in Him to show up in spite of how low the number of the people might be. 

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0:00 Introduction

01:10 Psalm 73:2-16: Why does the Wicked Prosper?

07:29 The Reward for the Wicked

08:30 The World: On a Path of Darkness?

09:07 Misconception about the Messiah

10:05 The Greatest Move of God

11:48 Message for the Lukewarm

12:53 Anointing: Meaning

14:05 Strange Fire & Profane Fire 

16:19 True & False Anointing: Differences

17:54 Constitutional Truth

21:03 Conclusion 


May 5, 2023