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In this second broadcast for today, Joseph Z talks about the sign of the King which he reveals is here at the moment, he made reference to the book of Esther, and how she changed the course of a generation. Accordingly, Joseph reveals that we’ll witness a breakthrough like this and there’s a revival coming that’ll break past institutional containment, that our Lord Jesus will take control of everything going on in society today. He went on to reveal that the coronation of King Charles is symbolic, as it’ll herald the anointing of many for the kingdom of God. He reveals also that Prince Williams will have an anointing to step into a generational call sooner or later, and also that the significance of the oil in King Charle’s coronation represents what God is doing in this coming wave of revival.

Moving on, Joseph reveals God’s message to us which instructs us to stop crying over past situations, and that there’s a higher calling of God upon our lives. He further discloses that there’ll be unprecedented things that’ll strike the nation, but in the middle of it all there’ll be a provision of God, and the spirit of the Lord will take us through it all. He then assures us that things will not go according to the way it’s expected to go, there’ll be another round of victory for every one of us and God is going to make a great way of advancement for us all. 

Also, Joseph reveals that there’ll be a downturn in the US, but God promises provision for his people, and although it’s dark in Egypt; there’s light in Goshen and God will make a great way for us. He challenges us that it is time for us to lean in and not shrink back; also he reemphasized God raising a million for a billion and revealed that there’ll also be a change in geopolitical powers. 

Furthermore, he reassures us that there’ll be a strong intervention this Spring and that the small victories will accumulate into a roar because the king has been crowned. He further reassures us of another wave of the Lord coming and charges us not to fear, as God needs us, and we’ve been called to take territory for the Gospel together. He concluded by praying with the word of God taken from Numbers 6:22. 

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0:00 Introduction

01:00 Unprecedented Revival

02:50 Revelation about Prince William

04:13 Let go of Past Circumstances

05:45 Come Up Higher: A Higher Calling

08:00 Do not Fear: Unprecedented Intervention

09:56 Victory in the Camp of the Righteous

12:15 Time to Lean in: A Million for a Billion

13:55 Change in Geopolitical Powers: Spring Intervention

16:46 Symbolism Of the King’s Coronation

20:14 Another Round Coming: A Call to Take Territory

23:50 Conclusion


May 7, 2023