Defeating a False Anointing!

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In today’s broadcast, Joseph sheds more light on how to identify and avoid false anointing. He teaches that false anointing is an anointing that is not the way it seems to be, and the driving force behind it is that of personal gains and gratification. He proceeds further by talking about strange fire, which he describes as man-made, while holy fire is the fire from God. He clarifies this further by saying, “Anything made by man and not by God is a strange fire”. 

Moving on, Joseph went on to talk about the angel of light backed with the word of the Lord drawn from II Corinthians 11:1-13 which explains that those who have the real anointing seek what they can do for the Gospel and not what the Gospel will do for them. He then discloses that one of the modes of operations for the falsely anointed is that they tend to transform themselves into light, and they can perform miracles that are not of God; this is because their sole motive is for their gain. 

Additionally, Joseph enlightens us that the falsely anointed speak great swelling words of emptiness, but they don’t have a conclusion; also they’re lured to the lust of the flesh. Moreso, he clarifies that false anointing can parade as holy, but its sole purpose is to have access, and access is gained through permission. They can gain access through storytelling, signs, and wonders; so people can say yes to them thereby gaining access to people with the sole aim of manipulating and getting all they want. 

More importantly, we’re encouraged to get into the word of the Lord to guard ourselves against these false teachers. Joseph reveals also that most people that call themselves prophets and teachers are not, because they don’t have the qualification that God equips His anointed ones with. 

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0:00 Introduction

02:05 False Anointing: Meaning

03:20 The Motive Behind False Anointing

04:20 Strange Fire versus Holy Fire

05:41 What’s the Devil’s Anointing?

06:26 Angels of Light: II Corinthians 11: 1-13

12:08 Angels of Light: Mode of Operation

16:15 Characteristics of False Anointing

18:02 Tools Adopted by the Falsely Anointed

19:40 What does the Falsely Anointed Seek?

25:04 Conclusion 


May 8, 2023