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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z revisited his prophecy of April 25, 2023, where he revealed that Tucker will have the last laugh and assured us of a real truth that will hit the scene soon. He recalled how there’ll be a truth in the gospel and media, and how the last round of Legacy News media has just sounded, for where truth is spoken, real light is spoken. Also, he provided more insights into this with a piece of televised news from May 10, 2023.

Moving on, he availed us another opportunity of revisiting his teachings of May 7, 2023, where he enlightened us about God being a consuming fire whom the people feared, thus, leading to God sending His son to be a mediator between Mankind and Him; for God has not changed, and whosoever sees the Son has seen the Father. He further disclosed how we’ve often viewed God from the old testament perspective, and clarified that we now have another alternative of viewing God differently through the finished work of Christ Jesus on the Cross. He explained further that Grace is empowerment for bloodbath believers, to do the work of God.

Also, he recounted his prophetic word regarding the crowning of the new King, and how it’s symbolic for greater changes to come. He revealed that the significance of the oil upon the coronation signifies what God is doing with the coming wave of revival. He also reminded us to desist from holding unto the events of the past. Additionally, he revisited his teaching of May 8, 2023, where he disclosed the reason behind people clinging unto false anointing and how we can discern one as children of God; so as not to be entangled in their web of deceit. He then allowed us another sneak peek into his May 9, 2023 prophecy where he revealed that the coronation of King Charles symbolizes a moment of Change and then revealed further how Prince William will be a key player in the generational wave of change that is coming soon.

Furthermore, he recalled his prophecy of May 10, 2023, where he revealed that the spirit of Jezebel is a demon spirit that’s not gender-specific, which tries to always operate in the church if it’s given permission to do so. He recounted the characteristics of this spirit and how we can recognize it in the church or within our environment. Joseph then proceeded to his prophecy of May 11, 2023, where he revealed what God showed him about the year 2027. He recalled seeing a multi-collision, and how God is charging us to prepare because the battle of our lifetime is here. He further reminds us that strength is coming and that the month of July will have an unprecedented pivotal announcement, specifically in the economic sector.

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0:00 Introduction

01: 36 Another Round of Truth

03:35 God is a Consuming Fire

07:35 Grace: An Empowerment in Christ

09:16 The Coronation: A Prophetic Connotation

10:29 Let Go of Past Issues

11:55 False Anointing: Characteristics

14:15 How Long is King Charles’ Reign

16:00 Light in Goshen: Provision

17:19 Spirit of Jezebel: Demonic Spirit of Control

23:17 What’s Coming Next?

26:03 Conclusion


May 12, 2023