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In today’s Red Church, Joseph Z teaches about how to receive a miracle from God, and the process of overcoming ourselves and religion. He discloses that religion bows us down and makes us keep begging and pleading; it also makes us do what we’re told, but when we’re born again, Jesus comes along, calls us his son or daughter, and raises us up. Jesus gets us on the side of the cross and makes us walk into the finished work he’s done for us on the cross; instead of begging and pleading in the old testament mindset. He then enlightens us that religion is a system of control, and whatever the institutionalized system can not control, it kills or persecutes. 

Moving on, Joseph clarifies that Jesus came and by faith, we’re saved. He explains that although we’re born of Christ, many a time, we’re run down by our belief systems and traditions we come from before we received Christ. He teaches that we’re not to change the scripture to match our tradition, instead, we should change our tradition to match the scripture. Also, he explains the seven parts of salvation which are the fruits of the grace of God upon us when we receive Christ. He clarifies that we’re saved, delivered, preserved, protected, prosperous, healed, and whole when we're born again. He went further to inform us that the simple truth of the gospel is that Jesus paid it all, and what we must do is believe it. He then clarifies that the spirit is not the first but the natural is, and whatever has been done on the work of the cross is delivered in the spirit which then translates to grace. 

Again, Joseph went on to teach us that when we want to be prosperous, we have to sow, we sow in the natural, and God receives it in the supernatural because giving is a supernatural activity. He went on to explain that the reason why a lot of us don’t receive when we sow is because of the “seed war” yoke, which is the discouragement we feel after sowing seed. Joseph instructs us not to allow it to overtake us, as it will prevent our reward from surfacing. He enlightens us further that our faith is what would make our seed grow, but when we allow the seed war to take over, we sabotage our blessing. He reminds us that God is ever willing to show himself, but what He’s dealing with most, is the seed war in us, because He requires our faith in Him for Him to show His power.

Furthermore, Joseph cautions that a lot of people are running to a State they feel is a safer place, but he charges us to understand that wherever God has called us to be is the safest place to be and that some of us suffer because we’re in the wrong location. He then instructs us to exercise our five senses, and we must understand that there’s a difference between being healed and being made whole, and wholeness has a lot to do with our faith in God. He charges us to be steadfast and reminded us that, “on a bad day, we’ve been called to be the very best there is”. 

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0:00 Introduction

03:48 Religion: System of Control

05:36 Saved and Salvation: Seven Parts of Salvation

07:15 The Devil’s Tactics: Denomination of the Church

08:06 The Quadrilateral Picture: Life of the Believer

11:34 Adam and Jesus: The Principle

16:46 How to Attract Prosperity

19:39 Healing: The Seed War

23:45 Healing Testimonies: Joseph’s Experience

34:31 Prophetic Message

39:53 Healing and Wholeness

45:46 Conclusion


May 14, 2023