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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z engaged in a question-and-answer session regarding prophetic events and times. He talked about the signs of the end of the age, with reference to the word of God drawn from Mathew 24. Then he answered a question about why there’s so much evil in the world, he clarified that God only punishes those who try to destroy his church; also, he wiped out humanity at some point because the fallen angels were recreating with the daughters of men, and introducing their demonic DNA into their bloodstream, which caused God to destroy their existence in order not to corrupt the world further.

Moving on, Joseph teaches that whenever we try to access the veil(soul) through any other means than the way God wished it, we’re hijacking God’s original principle. He explained further with the word of God taken from the book of Romans 7:21-23, which talks about the law of the mind; which causes us to consider things, and meditate on them before we take action. He clarified that we can’t be tempted by what we don’t think about, and he explained this further with the word of God from I Thessalonians 5:23. He further enlightens us that whatever controls our thoughts, control our mind and that’s exactly where we’ll find ourselves. He then chips in that praying in tongues is an act of faith and God honors anything that’s done by faith.

Moreso, Joseph talked about the misunderstanding of God’s sovereignty and clarified that it’s not God’s will that all men perish and that He’s not responsible for everything bad that happens to us because His thought for us is that of good and not of evil. He clarified also that God gave us His word so that we can live in His sovereignty, and when we’re not getting what we prayed for or the healing we wanted, the fault is with us because of our lack of faith; what we receive is what we believe in, and most bad things that happen to us is because of the bad decisions we make in life.

Furthermore, Joseph shared the personal healing experiences he had with Heather and himself. He charges us to stand on the word of God, and that if we can control our emotions and hold the word of God in higher regard, we’ll begin to get what we require and what God prescribed to us from his word. He further cautions that conspiracies are a distraction and we should not subscribe to them, because there are demons involved in conspiracies. Again, he uses the story of Bathsheba to teach us the graciousness of God, and how God can turn our situation around if we repent and turn to him. He assures us that Jesus requires our love and no matter how messed up we may be, God is always ready to welcome us back when we repent.

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0:00 Introduction

09:43 Mathew 24:3-4: Don’t be Deceived

10:39 God is no Author of Evil

15:53 The Reason Why God Wipes out a Civilization

17:06 The Mind’s Eye Versus Envisioning the Future

24:33 Romans 7:21-23: Law of the Mind

35:11 Tongues and Interpretation: Praying in Tongues

43:40 Misconception About God’s Sovereignty

50:48 Man’s Free Will and Responsibility

1:00:49 Why You Must Stand on the Word of God

1:09:29 Danger of Conspiracy

1:23:38 Conclusion


May 18, 2023