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Today’s broadcast began with a recount of Joseph Z’ Red Church teachings, where he disclosed to us the simple truth of the Gospel, which is that Jesus paid it all for us. He teaches that the natural comes before the spirit, this was backed up with the word of God drawn from I Corinthians 15:4-6. He informs us that when we renew our mind in the spirit, we’ll reap all the seven fruits of salvation and righteousness; also he teaches that to be prosperous, we have to give in the natural to attract supernatural abundance. 

Moving on, we were educated about the real meaning of wilderness which signifies, pasture and not a place of lack as most of us believe. Also, the wilderness is a sign of God’s presence as we can see how God called his servants out into the wilderness in order to commune with them. Again, Joseph revisited his teaching of May 15, 2023, where he clarifies that false prophets or teachers know what they’re doing and that the fruits of false prophecies are greed, pride, and unteachability. He cautions us to judge these people by their fruits and not by the accuracy of their prophecies.

Moreso, Joseph revisited his teaching of May 16, 2023, where he discloses that false anointings look legitimate and real, and the only way to avoid it is to inundate ourselves with the word of God; he further clarified that the whole point of false anointing is for personal gains. The real anointing is the one given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ, and the real reason why people fall for false anointing is that they don’t have the word of God in them. 

Furthermore, Joseph recounts his prophecy of May 17, 2023, where he revealed that there’ll be roaring hope in 2024, and he discloses some interesting revelations about the presidency. He went on to reveal that artificial intelligence can hijack things we can’t control, like the voting system, but then there’ll be a tipping that’ll herald victory. He made further revelations about underwater tsunamis and underwater oceanic earthquakes; this also includes climate lockdowns and a hitch in the banking and financial systems. Also, Joseph recounted his teaching of May 18, 2023, where he taught about deception. He enlightened us about the law of the mind and explains that preaching is a form of the vision board; vision boards are not evil if they’re used for a biblical lens, and we’re charged by the word of God to not think beyond what is written. He clarifies further that whenever we think of whatever is pure, righteous, and just; that’s vision boarding.

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0:00 Introduction

02:28 The Law of the Mind

05:43 How to be Prosperous

07:43 The Wilderness

13:31 The Real Prophetic People: Signs

15:12 Fruits of False Prophets

17:31 False Anointings: Meaning

19:25 The Goal of False Anointing

23:45 Roaring Hope

26:45 Artificial Intelligence: Tool for Deception

30:04 Mysticism: Third Eye

32:49 Conclusion


May 19, 2023