The TRUE ANOINTING & How to avoid Deception!

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In today’s live stream, Joseph Z teaches about true anointing and how to avoid deception. A true anointing is an anointing that is no lie or is counterfeited, and the reason for false anointing is to gain access. He went on to teach that when we’re not holy, we’re susceptible to false anointings, and false anointings resist the truth because it hinders the motives of their perpetrators. When we work in the light, the light in us will overcome false anointing and we’ll outlive and defeat false anointings. Additionally, false prophets employ manipulation techniques to get us to do things for them; also the word of God from II Peter 2:15-17 elaborates on the behavior of a false anointing. He continued by revealing that a false anointing is a way one begins to do things outside of the grace that God bestows on one to function, and the falsely anointed pretend they’re something they’re not.

Moving on, Joseph explains that false anointing is a deceitful teaching that leads to deceitful teachers, pastors, or people pretending to have some gifting to do some things for us, but the real reason why they do this is to gain access to us and cause us to give them what they want. He further describes them as having a form of godliness but denying its power, coming across as being godly or having gifts but their hearts are corrupt and they use their gifts for their personal gain. False anointing people take advantage of gullible people, and that’s why we must renew our minds with the word of God to ward off the falsely anointed.

Moreso, Joseph clarifies that false anointing also means taking advantage of one’s position for one’s own personal gain. The false preachers boast of great swelling words to flatter people so they can gain advantage and access to them; however, the highest form of deliverance is filling up our mind with the word of God and it’ll also make the crooked places straight. He went on to teach us that Jesus did not come along to cause people to bow over; religion does that instead, but our Lord Jesus stands us up as sons and daughters. So to say, anyone that does anything contrary to what Christ did is a false teacher.

Furthermore, Joseph discloses that a true anointing sets us free, destroys yokes, and breaks us into increase, growth, and prosperity. He then reassures us that we’re called to be free, stay free, and stay liberated in the word of God.

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0:00 Introduction

02:49 False Anointing & Angels of Light

03:47 II Timothy 3:1-7: Perilous Times

05:49 The Motive of False Anointing

06:16 How You Can Avoid False Anointing

07:32 False Anointings Resist the Truth

10:58 How to Overcome a False Anointing

11:29 II Peter 2:15: Traits of False Anointing

14:55 Interpretation of a False Anointing

18:30 Consequences for a False Anointing

20:26 The Reason for False Anointing

23:49 Conclusion 


May 22, 2023