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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z teaches about demystifying the prophetic. He defines a prophet as someone that has a responsibility to the body of Christ; the gift of prophecy does not make someone a prophet, its sole aim is to train, equip and edify the body of Christ. He acknowledges that there’s a lot of misinterpretation about the gift of prophecy, and these inaccurate ideas get corrupted leading to the devaluing of the gift itself. It’s easy to enter the prophetic world, but if we’re not careful with prophecy, we can get entangled with the traditions of men and superstitious beliefs. He went further to clarify that whenever a revelation is institutionalized it makes the word of God ineffective. 

Moving on, Joseph teaches that traditions can enter to make the word of God ineffective, and when we remove the revelatory inspired part of prophecy we end up with a dead stick institution. He went on to teach that we surrender our natural experience to the word of God in order to have powerful circumstances unfold. He then advises that when we get a prophetic word, we should not receive it automatically, but shelve it and see if it comes to pass, because prophecy should never be a revelation but a confirmation of what God has told us. 

Moreso, Joseph insists that when a revelation becomes institutionalized, it’s detrimental to the word of God, and we make the word of God of no effect because of our tradition. Also, he interprets the meaning of superstition, and how we end up drawing the wrong conclusion in the absence of the word of God. He went on to clarify that adhering to the word of God guides us and prevents us from derailing from what we’re called for; as we’re admonished by God’s word not to go beyond what is written.

Furthermore, Joseph clarifies that no gift is superior to another, as God ministers the way He can, but it’s our interpretation we have to work on. He then clarifies further that the word of God helps us to remain in Jesus and not go beyond what is written, and we must master this experience to get through it. 

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0:00 Introduction

01:56 Who is a Prophet?

03:55 Prophecy: How it Functions

06:50 Why Should We Be Careful With Prophecy?

07:19 What to do When you Receive a Prophecy

08:30 Traditions of Men: The Danger

11:25 Dangers of Institutionalizing a Revelation

13:40 The Reason for Prophetic Dysfunction

17:44 Issues With Prophecy

23:12 No Gift is Superior to the Other

27:06 How to Interpret Your Revelation

27:49 Conclusion


May 26, 2023