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In today’s Red Church, Joseph Z teaches about living in the power of the Spirit. He references the word of God from the book of Galatians 1:3-4, which enlightens us about the grace of God that’s been made available to us by God through Jesus Christ. He emphasizes that we’re not in the time of judgment, and we should not attribute everything happening in our environment to a judgment from God for our lousy deeds; regardless we’re charged to get ourselves in order. He cautions that how we feel should not be a determinant of how we relate to God because our feelings are unstable and we’re charged to be stable in our walk with God.  Also, he instructs that God wants us to take care of our physical body and multiply through discipline so we can achieve what he expects of us; he again referenced the book of I Corinthians 15:46 which makes us understand that the spirit is not first but the natural. 

Moving on, Joseph asserts that everything in the spirit is done by grace, and when we believe in God for something by faith, we reap a supernatural outcome. This can be seen in giving, we give in the natural by faith, but we get a supernatural manifestation through God’s provision or abundance; the same as healing if we sowed the seed of faith for healing. He then cautions about the seed war which is the discouragement we always get when we want to sow a seed or when we’re believing God for something. Again, he encourages us to speak in tongues, as our mind cannot corrupt that which it does not understand, instead we get our minds renewed and our faith stronger. 

Also, Joseph employs the word of God from I John 5:4 to buttress that when we’re born of God we overcome the world, and God has called us to bring the world to its knees. He went further to educate us with the word of God drawn from Psalm 16:3 which describes how God perceives all those who are holy and do not waiver in their faith in Him. 

Furthermore, Joseph assures us that we’re called and anointed for this time; we’re not to be afraid of the wicked things that are trying to harm our kids, but we are to rise against it in prayers and read the word of God always in order to be victorious. He charges us to overcome the spirit of fear over our lives and embrace the favor of God through our obedience to His word and steadfastness in our walk with Him.

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0:00 Introduction

01:15 Galatians 1:3-4: God’s Will in Our Lives

09:52 How to Overcome in the Present Evil Age

12:40 I Corinthians 15:46: The Spirit & the Natural

17:10 The Soulish Veil

19:53 The Natural: The Realm of Faith

24:08 Supernatural Reaction

25:07 Romans 7:23: Law of the Mind

26:10 The Seed War

29:11 How to Become a Potent Force

35:28 The By-Product of Holiness

43:37 Conclusion


May 28, 2023