How Much Time Do We Have Left?

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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z prophecies about a time that God is moving in right now, and that the glory of the Lord is about to be revealed in a way that has not been seen before. He discloses that we’re in a time unlike any other, God will bring about a great move of His spirit, and there’ll be such a recovery of morality and a rise of darkness like never seen before. Also, he reveals that there’ll be such a rise of darkness that has never been seen before, but there’ll be a turn of the tide despite everything that will happen. Again, he insists that the light will shine in the darkness, and there’ll be a collision of financial institutions, which will eventually change systematically.

Moving on, Joseph reveals that the church will rise up to begin to take territory and the great awakening will be like a roar, such that will be offensive to the government; because it is time that men unite and fight. He then discloses that we’ll witness a merging of the body of Christ and further insists that it’s important we stand now or we lose it all. Again, he reveals that we have another round that will herald wealth transfer and victory, and some of the people that we thought had ties with the evil ones will be vindicated; the heroes, however, will be turned into the biggest zeros. He then declares that God will not be mocked, and whatever we sow is what we’ll reap.

Moreso, Joseph reveals that there’s a strong turn of events coming, and the spirit of might is here to empower every one of us to clamp back at everything going on. He then declares that the blood of Jesus Christ is on our lives and on the lives of our children, therefore no harm shall come near us. Also, he cautions about Christian mysticism, and reveals there’ll be a confrontation against it; there’ll also be online crusades. Again, he reveals that the Alphas are coming, the young lions who will be forged in the fire of conflict revival and awakening.

Furthermore, Joseph reveals that the wind of God will blow in the scene again, and things will not go as planned for the reformer are coming; also there’ll be a mending of many reformers, good shepherds that’ll lay down their lives for the flock. God will exalt the humble and bring down the pride of man. Joseph once again proclaims that the spirit of the Lord will turn adversaries into allies in many places; he further declares the anointing of God over us and assures us that God will not abandon us. Again, he reassures us of God’s promise of intervention; although darkness rises, light shall meet it, and God shall not withhold anything good from us.

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0:00 Introduction

02:17 A Turn of the Tide

04:07 Financial Change: Collision of Financial Institutions

06:45 The Communist Agenda

09:57 The Great Awakening

14:31 Strong Turn of Events

22:15 Confrontation of Christian Mysticism

25:12 The Wind of God Across the Scene

27:32 An Overhaul of the System by God’s Spirit

30:33 Freedom From Captivity

38:53 Unification & Unlikely Alliances

42:08 Healing Prayers & Conclusion


May 30, 2023