Spiritual Battle Over Upcoming W. HEALTH ORG EXPOSURE!

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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z reveals the spiritual battles unfolding in the scene, he declares that the spirit of the Lord is raising a movement that’ll empower us to take territory over the wickedness across the land. He exposes a mental illness that’s becoming mainstream in the political arena and filtering into businesses and main brands. He insists that the strange changes we’re experiencing with prominent brands are a result of being pressured by the nefarious people providing funding for those big brands. Despite all, the Lord assures us of a way of escape; seven states will rise, and a shout will rise from DC which will bring more people to our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Moving on, Joseph makes more revelations about an antichrist-controlling spirit allowed in the culture right now, but the red church shall rise and overcome these wicked overlords without bulging to intimidation. Also, he discloses that there’s a weaponized health scenario that’s coming into the scene, courtesy of the red dragon; their ultimate agenda is to destroy the US and prepare the world for one more round of another sickness on the horizon. 

Again, he exposes an ongoing plan to push a social agenda, corrupting people through perversion, and going after the normal people who try to resist. Despite all these, he charges us to stand for the truth, for there’s an anointing that’ll bring strength in the middle of this wicked culture; a way-making anointing on the horizon that’ll empower each one of us.

Reassuringly, Joseph declares authority over the lying demons trying to pervert the culture, he declares strength, health, and victory for us. He went into personal prophecies and prays for divine healing over the sick. He then enlightens us that narcissism is a spirit of Jezebel, and it’s dangerous because no matter how you try to defend yourself and get free, you get more entangled; regardless, we can overcome it by tuning in to God’s diving guidance and rebuking the evil spirit. He once more declares the spirit of liberty over us and prays against addictions over our lives; he also reassured us that God is making a brand new way where there’s absolutely no way.

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0:00 Introduction

02:45 Anointed Reformation Movement

04:04 Ring of Pedophilia: Boycott of Big Brands

07:38 Rise of Seven States: A Shout from DC

09:27 Weaponized Health Scenario

15:46 Opportunity for Exposure

22:59 A Call to Stand For Truth: Anointing for the Bold

27:22 Health, Healing & Victory: Declarations 

34:07 Narcissism: Spirit of Jezebel

41:15 More Individual Prophecies & Declarations

44:48 Deliverance Prayers & Healing

50:12 Conclusion

May 31, 2023