The Collision of Kingdoms!

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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z continued with his teaching on the Babylonian system which he describes as a love of money, a self-centered system, where people love money and things more than they love God. He further defines it as humanistic, and an erroneous belief that we can do things by ourselves without the help of God. He enlightens us that God is the same always, He has been and will always be. While the Babylonian system focuses on people doing things themselves, the kingdom of God’s mindset charges us to come to God for everything and He will give us rest; also, to not rely on our own understanding, but on the wisdom of God.

Moving on, Joseph Z clarifies that when we remove the word of God from our thinking, we’re embracing the Babylonian system; God loves us and is not condemning us, the only reason why He wants us to embrace His word is that He knows the evil that may befall us if we don’t. He went on to reference the word of God from the book of Romans 1:20-26 to clarify the evil fruits of religion and how it takes the attention of God and causes us to focus on all that we should avoid and exonerate ourselves from.

Moreso, Joseph describes man’s wisdom as sheer stupidity; also he clarifies foolishness to be different from ignorance, as it means an unacceptance of God, who He is, and what He represents. Again, he explains the Babylonian system to be a Humanistic self-imposed ideology and admonishes those who worship God’s creation more than God Himself. Interestingly, Joseph made us understand that there’s a punishment for relegating God to the background instead of putting Him at the centre of our Lives, as can be seen in the book of Romans 1:26.

Furthermore, Joseph Z charges us to be more concerned with bringing people to God and making them realize the goodness of God than fighting the corruption that abounds in the land and in the lives of people. As the former will bear more fruit for the kingdom of God than the latter.

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0:00 Introduction

01:19 Definition of Mamon

03:21 Break Out of the Babylonian System

05:24 What are the Two Kingdoms?

06:23 How We Get Entangled in the Babylonian System

08:02 God’s Cry to the World and the Believers

09:19 Romans1:20-25: Digression from God & Dangers of Religion

17:21 The Foolishness of Man’s Wisdom

19:01 The Dichotomy of Foolishness & Ignorance

22:40 Consequences of Man’s Wisdom

27:33 Rejecting God: Haters of God

29:01 Conclusion


June 02, 2023