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In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z teaches us about finding our grace and our place in God, for we’ve been called for something and we must find the grace to thrive in what we’ve been called to do. He referenced the word of God from the Book of Joshua 14:6-12 to teach us more about faith. Again, he proclaims that we’re living proof that the word of God is alive, and does not fail; he then declares that our later years will be greater than the former.

Moving on, Joseph Z assures us that we've got an anointing for the holy one, and that time is irrelevant to God; for when we believe in God for what we need, it may not manifest in the natural immediately but God is working it out spiritually. He then employed the word of God from the Book of Romans 4:13-18 to throw more light on the grace and faith narrative. He explained that Grace is everything that’s done for us by God, while faith is what we need to employ in order to inherit the promises of God to us.

Also, Joseph teaches us that Peter walked on the word of Jesus and not on water; that is why he began to sink when he started doubting the word of Jesus which commanded him to not be afraid and come to Him. Abraham also walked on the word of God and not on what he saw. Also, he explains that when we find our grace, we find our purpose, but we have to take hold of the word of God and emulate God who called things that do not exist as though they did.

Furthermore, Joseph instructs us to call the things in our lives that are non-existent yet as though they’re already in existence, he charges us to fix our way of saying things, as that is the sole determinant of whether we will possess what God has promised. He speaks favor over us, calls us to live in Jesus Christ, and assures us that God is with us; he also went ahead to remind us that, “on a bad day, we’ve been called to be the very best there is”.

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0:00 Introduction

03:38 Joshua 14:6-10

07:13 You’re a Living Proof of God’s Word

09:14 Your Later Years Will be Greater than the Former

12:07 Emergence of Demons

13:33 Time is Irrelevant to God

14:30 Romans 4:13-16: The Righteousness of Faith

21:44 Peter Walked on Jesus’s Word

22:38 Call the Non-existent as Though They Did

26:22 Importance of Faith & Patience

28:06 Fix the Way You Say Things: Adjust Your Thinking

31:11 Conclusion


June 04, 2023