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Today’s broadcast began with Joseph Z shedding more light on understanding the two kingdoms which are the kingdom of light and darkness. He clarifies that the kingdom of light is putting our trust in God and believing Him for each of our needs, while the Babylonian system is humanistic and is characterized by us depending on our own human understanding instead of relying on God, and God doesn’t like it when we run off on our own as though we created ourselves. He went on to clarify that the Babylonian system is a human way of doing things; we’ve been called to preach the gospel and influence the culture until the people realize their missteps and retrace their steps back to God.

Moving on, Joseph explains that to break off from the Babylonian mindset, we must adhere to the word of God from the book of Romans 12:3, which charges us to think soberly. What this means is that we must renew our minds and allow God’s word to take root in our hearts. The opposite of this is vain imagination, and we can see this in the book of Psalm 119:113. Also, this sort of thinking can be traced to the historic Nimrod who spearheaded the tower of Babylon. Joseph went on to clarify that when we remove God from our thinking, we drown ourselves in vain imagination which causes us to engage in things that disregard God.

Again, Joseph makes us understand that, even with a vain mindset, God still gives us the power to manifest all that we think about. He also discloses that the Babylonian system is the devil's system that revolves around self-centredness and the idea that we can do things our way only. He exposes that the tower of Babel represented the people's own religion, which rejected God; he then reveals that science and technology can also be likened to this kind of thinking. He went on to reveal that Nimrod was the first anti-christ, and his name means “we rebel”; also, this sums up the humanism ideology, which is hitched to the humanistic way of doing things.

Furthermore, Joseph charges us to dedicate our time to winning people back to God, to stand up against this evil age or we can risk going back to the Babylonian era.

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0:00 Introduction

01:10 The Kingdom of Darkness: Babylonian System

05:14 How to Break a Babylonian Mindset: Romans 12:3

07:50 Meaning of Sober Thinking

08:04 Meaning of Vain Thinking: Romans 1:21

09:45 Nimrod’s Connection to the Babylonian System: Genesis 11:1-5

12:31 Danger of the Babylonian System

14:30 Tower of Babel: More Interpretation

17:55 Symbolism of the Tower of Babel

21:16 Origin of the Babylonian System

22:53 Humanism: More Interpretation

27:21 Conclusion


June 05, 2023