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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z talks about how we can break through the clutches of this present evil age, and grow into God’s economy. He outlines all that the lust of the flesh comprises; surprisingly, the works of the flesh are not just sexual immorality but include heretical teaching, envy, murder, and the like. The works of the flesh are a Babylonian system, humanistic, and seek after the self; he references the word of the Lord from the Book of Romans 8:3 to establish that those who are in the flesh can not please God.

Moving on, Joseph clarifies that the flesh means a way of thinking, it gets its origin in the fall of man and it also manifested in the Tower of Babel. He went on to explain that the lust of the flesh is a humanistic mindset, which can only be overcome through renewing our minds and walking in tune with the spirit of God. The flesh or carnality includes mankind seeking their own pleasure, and removing God from their thinking; it is also a self-centered and humanistic way of living. 

Moreso, Joseph enlightens us on how we can break out of the carnality of the flesh, which is to think as God thinks; it can also be countered by the fruit of the spirit, as God’s words are spirit and light. To overcome the flesh, we must renew our mindset, and the outflow of this is the gift of the spirit. Interestingly, he went on to teach that we’re all creations of God, but we don’t become children of God until we give our lives to Christ; when we do this we’re on a course to God’s kingdom; and when we accept Jesus in our lives, we begin a journey of breaking out of the Babylonian mindset and system.

Furthermore, Joseph continued by insisting that when we walk in the path of God, we’ll begin to break out from the Babylonian system. He referenced the story of Daniel to explain how we can overcome the Babylonian system by standing up for truth and righteousness encompassed with the spirit of excellence. He explained that Daniel and his friends were found ten times better than their peers, so we must be like Daniel and his friends; the more we stand up for righteousness, and keep our minds untainted from the world’s way of doing things, the more we break out of the Babylonian system. He then charges us to rise up and heed the word of the spirit of God to arise and shine, match forward into victory against the present evil age.

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0:00 Introduction

01:50 How to Achieve Financial Prosperity

03:15 How to Approach Difficulties

03:34 Galatians 5:16: Lust of the Flesh & How to Avoid It

06:49 Romans 8:3-5: The Outflow of the Flesh

10:48 Walking in the Spirit: Meaning

11:15 The Babylonian System: A Mindset of Carnality

12:53 How to Breakout of the Babylonian System

17:15 Kingdom of God: Opposite of the Babylonian System

18:42 Break Out of Babylon

23:10 Story of Daniel: An Example of Young Lions

25:45 Conclusion


June 07, 2023