Breaking Away From This Evil Age!

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In today’s live stream, Joseph Z teaches about breaking out of this present evil again, and how we can break out of the circumstances in our lives. He references the word of God from the Book of Isaiah 45 which is a prayer that promises the help of God in our lives; God also promises to subdue nations before us, to open double doors which guarantee favor, and access to opportunities in our lives. He went on to remind us that whatever door God opens, only He can shut; when we pray with the verse above, we invite God to take charge of our future. Also, God promises to cut the bars of iron asunder which Joseph refers to as an orthodox anointing to breakthrough; God promises us the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places, so that we may know that He is our God.

Moving on, Joseph teaches that the spirit of God wants us to live and that our Lord Jesus has called us to finish what we’ve started, thence he makes available the horsepower we need to achieve this. He also references the word of God drawn from the Book of Romans 8:26, which reminds us that the spirit of God makes intercessions for us, helping us in our weaknesses, and through this, we’re raised to have a warrior mindset that can conquer anything. Again, all things will begin to work for our good because we walk according to the purpose of God, for if God is for us no one can be against us.

More importantly, Joseph makes us realize that nothing can stop us when we realize the promises of God in His word; nothing also can separate us from the love of Christ, for in everything we must be convinced and persuaded that no powers shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus. He reminds us that it’s time for us to get the mind of Christ, influencing people with the love of God, and nothing by any means will harm us when we pitch our tent in God’s word. 

Although the Babylonian system wants us to bow our knees to its control and slave system, we're breaking out of Babylon right now by reinforcing continually the word of God in our lives, assured that God’s promises and love never fail. 

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0:00 Introduction

02:10 Isaiah 45

05:03 Meaning of Our Right Hand

06:05 God’s Promise to Subdue Nations Before Us

07:40 Opening of Double Doors: Gates of Bronze

11:05 Cutting Bars of Iron: Special Breakthrough

13:16 God’s Promise of the Treasures of Darkness

15:09 Recount of God’s Promises to Us

18:22 Romans 8:26: Intercession of God’s Spirit

21:57 All Things Work Together for Good 

24:22 Who Shall Bring a Charge Against God’s Elect?

28:07 Conclusion


June 08, 2023