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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z recalled his prophecy where he exposed the sense he has about falling towers, institutions, and brands. He revisited his prophecy of June 1, 2023, where he assured us to not let our hearts be troubled, as God’s will for us is to prosper at all things and be in health just as our souls prosper. He revealed that when we meditate on the word of God and begin to renew our minds, we can have the authority to not let our hearts be troubled, to the point that no matter what’s coming at us, we can overcome. He then moved on to his teaching on June 2, 2023, where he taught us about the consequences of seeking after the flesh, which he also referred to as the Babylonian way of living or thinking. 

Moving on, Joseph revisited his teaching of June 5, 2023, where he continued speaking about the Babylonian mindset, and threw more light on the origin of the Babylonian system. He insists that a Babylonian system is a crazy form of anti-Christ, which is a symbol of religion and is in tune with humanism. We are charged to win people to Jesus by preaching the gospel, and that’s how we break out of the Babylonian system. Also, he recounted his teaching of June 6, 2023, where he discloses the characteristics of a kingdom and outlined what makes up the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. He reveals that we can break off humanism through giving, selflessness, and putting the needs of others before ours. 

Again, Joseph reveals that Jesus is a prototype of God’s kingdom, and what he did is what we should be doing. He revealed that we're not designed to function in the Babylonian system, and we’ve been called to break out of it and also assist others in doing so. He then proceeded to his teaching of June 7, 2023, where he continued to teach that the flesh is a way of thinking which has its origin rooted in the fall of man, it comprises mankind seeking his own way of thinking, which he also referred to as the Babylonian system.

Furthermore, Joseph insists that another name for a carnal mindset is humanism. The opposite of the Babylonian system is to have our mindset renewed in God because we are stronger than the power of darkness. He then charges us to rise and stand against the present evil age, to move forward and break out of Babylon.

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0:00 Introduction

02:17 Prosper in All Things As Your Soul Prospers

03:24 The Soul’s Make-up

07:11 Consequences of Seeking After the Flesh

08:21 How to Achieve True Repentance

10:12 Breaking Out of the Babylonian System

13:01 The Origin of the Babylonian System

13:54 Humanism: Interpretation

15:40 Characteristics of a Kingdom

17:10 Babylonian Mindset & How to Counter it

20:53 The Flesh: A Way of Thinking

23:39 Conclusion


June 09, 2023