Red Church—Introduction to Prophetic Experiences!

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In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z introduces us to prophetic experiences and encourages us not to be afraid nor intimidated by everything happening over the land today. He reveals that we’re called to occupy, and stand up against the evil in the land; for Jesus wants us to win, rise up and take this season. He admits that God has charged us to raise a million for a billion, a million clear-eyed and clear-minded reformers that’ll rise up to reclaim our mandate from the evil perpetrators. He went on to disclose that we’re not created for death, instead, we’re made for eternity; he then referenced the word of God from the book of 1 Corinthians 4:6 to remind us not to think beyond what is written.

Moving on, Joseph took us to the book of James 1:22-23 where we’ve been instructed to be the doers of the word and not the hearers; he then charges us to stand on the foundation of the written word of God. Again, he referenced the word of God in 1Corinthians 13:11-12 to establish that we must mature in God’s word in our walk with Him and permit the spirit of God to quicken our mortal being into becoming who God has made us to be. He went on to instruct us to stick only to the written word of God, and not be swayed by Christian mysticism as can be seen all over the place.

Again, Joseph referenced the word of God from the book of 1 John 2:27, which clarifies our understanding of the anointing of God. He then threw more light on the false anointing and mammon which he believes is the devil’s way of controlling humanity; he then clarified that a counterfeit anointing is a shortcut that craves for the fruit without putting in the work. He then informs us that God is calling us to walk in the truth, and discloses that we can decipher the truth from the results or outcomes of any situation. He then continued by referencing the word of God from the book of Mathew 24:11 which reminds us of God’s word to be weary of false prophets as many of them shall arise to deceive so many.

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0:00 Introduction

03:55 Conquer Fear: Occupy & Take Territory

05:30 God’s Will for Us: A Million for a Billion

12:23 Prophecies for the Coming Years

13:13 Christian Witchcraft

14:44 James 1:22-24

17:57 II Corinthians 3:17-18: 1 Corinthians 13:11-12

21:50 Spirit, Soul, & Body Transformation

24:28 Third Eye: Witchcraft

28:03 1 John 2:27: True Anointing

33:32 Counterfeit Anointing: Mathew 24:11

40:28 Conclusion


June 11, 2023