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In today’s lives stream, Joseph Z continued with his teaching on how to break out of Babylon. He admonishes those who preach only grace without realizing the importance of preaching the kingdom of God, which can help us understand the weighty sacrifice of Christ for us. He cautions that if we teach the grace message with no point of reference, we create weak believers, which is as bad as the Babylonian mindset. The grace of God teaches us to deny ungodliness, and if we’re comfortable with repetitive sin without any conviction, we’re not disciples of Christ; as the gospel is correct but not complete until it works in us and shows in full force. 

Moving on, Joseph Z cautions that if the people around us are not getting stronger in the word of God, we must rethink what we teach; he referenced the word of God from the book of Galatians 1:3 to emphasize the need for us to be grounded and change from the inside out by God’s word. He went on to enlighten us that although God is loving and merciful, anyone who tries to touch the church of Christ, will experience the wrath of God. 

Again, Joseph discloses that to break out of Babylon, we must become Christ’s real disciples because disciples follow the word of God, and if we’re not disciplined followers of God’s word, we’re not His disciples. Also, he brings to our understanding that if sin doesn't bother us, we must check ourselves, as we might not be in the faith; for when we begin to drive the word of God into our hearts, we come to realize that our minds get renewed and this affects every aspect of our lives. 

Furthermore, Joseph brings to our understanding that, if we don’t check our Lascivious lifestyle, and continually ignore putting a stop to it, we eventually get drowned by it and are unable to escape from it. However, when we make adequate efforts to renew our minds by getting into the word of God, we begin to break out of the Babylonian system; as such we begin to witness the peace of God in our lives, our faith becomes stronger and we become an unstable rival force to the kingdom of darkness. 

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0:00 Introduction

04:50 Grace Message: The Dark Side

06:18 Who’s a Disciple of Jesus?

07:24 Functions of Grace in Our Lives

09:32 The Complete Gospel

12:06 Galatians 1:3: God’s Will for Our Lives

15:53 The Gates of Hell Shall not Prevail

19:50 The Real Disciple: Converts & Disciples

22:18 Our Righteousness Can’t Break Us Out of Babylon

23:48 What We Must Do: Renewing Our Minds

25:09 Dangers of Lasciviousness

28:54 Conclusion


June 12, 2023