The Great 45 LIE!—UFO truth REVEALED! 2 YEARS of Alphabets!

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In today’s live stream, Joseph Z talks about the great UFO narrative; reveals some interesting information about “45”, and the current presidential picture. He discloses that there’s a new level of perversion at large, and cautions that we mustn’t hold onto lifestyles that are not in line with the word of God when we become born again; we must repent wholeheartedly and let God change us inside out. He went on to expose that the UFO narrative is a distraction from the real events taking place behind the scene; he then referenced the word of God taken from the book of 2 Corinthians 11:14 to throw more light on the fallen angel narrative.

Moving on, Joseph continued to reveal that interdimensional beings could be demonic spirits that are still alive and active on Earth today, whose agenda may be to extract people's DNA to clone human avatars and infuse demonic spirits into them. He went on to disclose that there’ll be a righteous action, a million reformers that will stand up to rescue our generation, and they’ll take a decision to finance good courses. Again, he explains that the devil doesn't have the anointing and so he uses money to control society and get people to do his bidding.

Also, Joseph reveals that there’s a birthing taking place about a new era, in the form of false prophets, teachers, encounters; and deception to the masses involving things they can’t explain. He raises alarm over the rise of people confused about their identity in the last two years, but he insists there’ll be a revival in this community coming soon; as God will cause them to challenge the Jezebel spirit and cast it out. He admonishes preachers that support certain unacceptable lifestyles and beliefs; he then makes more revelations about the political arena and the role of the church in the current societal and political dispensation.

Furthermore, Joseph charges us to get behind everyone that encourages righteousness, he then calls for unity among men of goodwill for spiritual warfare to reclaim our generation.

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0:00 Introduction

03:00 Birth of a New Era: New Level of Perversion

06:18 The UFO Narrative

08:35 The Real Picture

10:22 Messengers of Deception: 2 Corinthians 11:14

13:46 The Blue Beam Narrative: Fallen Angels

19:27 Two Years of Perversion: Emperor Palpatine

22:39 Emergence of Millions for a Billion

26:05 Birthing of a New Era: One Realm to Another

31:44 Rise of the Alphabets

43:44 More Revelations: Presidential Picture

46:30 Conclusion


June 13, 2023