Every Knee Shall Bow!

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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z continues to enlighten us about the Babylonian system which he refers to as a mindset, and a decoy. He reveals that if Jesus had taken the shortcut by bowing to the devil when he tempted him, we would have been condemned to eternity; also He would have also handed the heaven, the earth, and everything over to the devil. Joseph went on to instruct us to meditate on this sacrifice of Christ every time we receive the holy communion, remembering everything Christ did for our sake.

Moving on, Joseph Z proclaims that Jesus is Lord, he opposes the belief some people have about God turning His back on Jesus during His trying times, with a clear interpretation of the Aramaic spoken words of Jesus on the cross; he insists that God didn't forsake Jesus nor would he forsake us. He continued with the word of God taken from the Book of Psalms 22:12, which he believes was Jesus' moment in the place of darkness, and He overcame all. Again, he insists that Communion reminds us of the weight of Christ’s sacrifice for our sake; for when we know the weight of His sacrifice, we come to the position of worshipping Him and truly acknowledging Him for whom He is.

Again, Joseph emphasizes that Christ did not bow to the devil for our sake, and because of this, the devil must bow down to Christ and confess that He is Lord. Also, he teaches that when we begin to acknowledge that Jesus is Lord, we’ll begin to break out of Babylon due to the understanding and the revelation that will engulf us, and also heighten our understanding of the great love of God for us. The revelation of Christ's price on the cross breaks us out of sickness and diseases, and out of a worldly carnal mindset, thereby setting us at liberty.

Furthermore, Joseph declares that Jesus is not part of the Babylonian system; we’re born in Zion and all our fountain and inspiration comes from Jesus. The understanding of this will enlighten us and help us to begin to break out of the Babylonian system; for Jesus wants us to advance and not be stalled by the kingdom of darkness. 

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0:00 Introduction

01:53 Jesus Paid the Price

02:47 The Zoe Life

03:54 Understanding the Temptation of Christ: What Was on the Line?

08:57 Understanding the Symbolism of Holy Communion

12:32 God Never Forsook Jesus: Mathew 27:46

15:00 God Will Not Forsake You

15:48 Psalm 22: Strong Bulls of Bashan

18:07 The Communion: Weighty Reminder of Christ’s Sacrifice

20:50 The Devil Must Bow the Knee

23:06 Rewards for Being Transformed

23:48 Conclusion


June 14, 2023