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In today’s live stream, Joseph Z reveals events that will unfold in the summer, a turn in the storm that’ll take place politically, and financially. He exposes that we’re heading towards a summer of fire; the Lord is creating a path of victory in the middle of the present difficulty, there’ll be a turn of the tide and the spirit of the Lord is bringing us through. He further reveals that the sabotage going on will be brought to light, and there’ll be exposure of vulnerabilities, in the power grids, infrastructures, pipelines, and airlines; but despite this, the Lord is bringing a turn of the tide. Also, there’ll be anger, tears, and a new form of rebellion against all that is going on, especially in the area of gender confusion.

Moving on Joseph reveals that we’ll see individuals that’ll rise to lend their voice against all that is going on, he insists that there’ll be exposure of sabotage, and we will witness a climate lockdown scenario involving airlines majorly. He went on to disclose that there’s a roar coming, a wake-up call coming to the US and the nations of the world; there’s also a supernatural buoyancy on 45 and an awakening in the middle of darkness as well as victory in the middle of the storm.

Again, Joseph discloses that there’ll be a press release that we’ll witness from the white house, which he believes will shuffle the deck for “45”; he then urges us to show up for the elections like never before in such a way that it’ll be impossible for the results to be manipulated. He brings us to the understanding that God’s will does not automatically come to pass, we must play our part in fulfilling God’s will for our lives; because change comes through the body of Christ.

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0:00 Introduction

04:06 Victory & Turn in the Storm

06:34 Anger & Tears: New Form of Rebellion

09:16 Prayer for Demi Lovato

11:17 Climate Lockdowns: Religious War

16:05 A Roar and Wake-Up Call Coming

17:33 An Awakening in Darkness

18:50 More Prophecies about the White House

22:03 A Press Release Coming

24:44 Algorithmic Manipulation of Previous Election

28:35 The Great Commission: God’s Will is not Automatic

32:40 Conclusion


June 15, 2023