The Church—America’s Only Hope! Special guest Pastor Mark Cowart!

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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z was joined by Pastor Mark Cowart, they discussed America’s only hope and the way forward. Pastor Mark made reference to when Christ disrupted the buying and selling going on in the temple of God to sensitize us about opening our eyes to see what’s before us; which is seeing Jesus for whom He is, first as a Lamb and as a Lion. He went on to share his experience in the ministry and how he is helping and charging everyone to rise up to challenge the past and present socio-economic woes. He exposed that it is not always about what’s said most of the time but what is not said, he then acknowledged that there’s a time for everything, time for peace, but the present time is a time for war. 

Moving on, Pastor Mark continued by sharing experiences about a time when men of God were persecuted for speaking the truth, and when pastors had a say on who’ll be voted for, or against in the political arena. He went further to share how the church fought for the government to desist from interfering with the affairs of the church in the past; he then charges us to be bold, for our value is compared to that of salt and light, which everyone can’t do without. Joseph Z then chips in that, there’s a fresh renewing of anointing that abounds right now, which we must access through prayer. Pastor Mark echoed his support for this, especially in the area of intercessory prayers which he reveals has more power than we accord it.

Interestingly, Pastor Mark informs us about a blessing we’re still reaping from our founding fathers, and that intercessory prayers bring forth revivals; which is the reason why we must reengage in it. He went on to outline what has been considered to be the metrics of success, and how it has nothing to do with what God has instructed us to do. Also, he acknowledges that although there’s a real shift in the way things are supposed to be, the body of Christ is rising to the occasion.  

Furthermore, Pastor Mark clarifies that it’s not our decision to decide who we are, God has called us for a purpose and what we must do is to discover what God wants for our lives, and has called us to do. Joseph Z assures us that God knows us and that His plans for us are that of good and not of evil; therefore we should cast our cares on Him.

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 0:00 Introduction

03:25 Army of God Rising

06:50 Uncovering the Veil from the Eyes: The Unction Behind It

10:15 The Time for War is Now

13:03 Historic Experiences: Pre-election Sermons

16:02 Fear of the Culture

18:12 Our Prayers Avail Much: Fresh Revealing of Anointing

19:30 Intercessory Prayer: The Importance

23:50 Residual Blessings

30:32 A Shift with Five-Fold Ministry

32:03 What to Expect Next

36:02 Conclusion


June 16, 2023