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Today’s broadcast began with Joseph Z revisiting his prophecy of December 1st, 2021, where he revealed about UFOs and UAPs; which he disclosed will have a comeback for a future purpose. He insists that there are no such things as aliens, and attributes the alien narrative to a great deception and a lie. Again, in his prophecy of November 9th, 2022, he insists that the world could become so challenging that those behind the scene will suggest that aliens will be the answer to the problems of the world. 

Moving on, Joseph Z availed us the opportunity to watch people’s stories and experiences with the supposed UFOs on the 10th of June, 2023. Emphatically, Joseph insists that this narrative is a distraction, as seen in his broadcast of June 13th, 2023. He went on to disclose that these UFO distractions are trying to cover the real truths which are now at large in our space today; this ranges from tech, blue beam, fallen angels, and media lies. He referenced the word of God taken from the book of 2 Corinthians 11:14 to clarify more about the fallen angel narrative. 

Again, Joseph Z revisited his interview of June 12, 2023, with Pastor Mark where he talked about his prophecy about Trump being rigged out of the political race with the use of technology. He recounted his revelations about another round for the US, and about young lions that’ll stand up to take back our nation for the kingdom of God. In his interview, he charged us to stand and break out of the gates of hell through prayer, and he assures us that the Lord will upset institutions and bring a revival to the mess that we now witness all over the land. 

Furthermore, Joseph again revisits his broadcast of 15th June 2023, where he exposes that a new form of rebellion will break out against the confusion around gender, which will grow into a movement. He then prayed for an awakening for celebrities who’re toeing the path of darkness, and for many people that’ll stand up, and bring light into darkness. 

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