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In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z continues in his teaching about false anointings, and how false prophets cause people to wander. He informs us that the office of the prophet is chosen by God and that fivefold ministry means a responsibility. There are some of us with gifts put inside of us and there are gifts that are passed on in families, but we must understand that prophets spend time in the presence of God. He goes on to charge those who vote in perverted mafias to repentance because children of God should never support that which is evil. 

Moving on, Joseph informs us that Jesus is calling us to a great walk with Him, and we must not chase after things that are not in line with the word of God. He went on to teach that the spiritual is not first but the natural, as seen in the word of God drawn from 1 Corinthians 15:46. He clarifies that the natural realm is based on our five senses, while the middle realm which is the soulish arena or the veil represents the mind, will, and emotions. Also, he reveals that we get a supernatural reaction when we pray the prayer of salvation and become born again; for by faith in the word of God, we do an action that gives birth to a supernatural reaction. The same can be seen in giving; we sow in the natural, overcome the seed war, and in turn, provoke a supernatural reaction.

Moreso, Joseph brings to our understanding that the more we can speak in tongues, the more we renew ourselves in the spirit stronger and stronger; he went on to pray for light in the midst of darkness, and he declares safe spaces for the holy ghost. He then discloses another round of rescue to a generation distracted and further declares the coming of generation alpha. He went further to declare over the land, new voices that will not back down in retrieving people back to God. 

Equally important, Joseph cautions that many people moved to locations based on opportunity, but if we want to be a part of God’s vision, we must understand that home is where the call of God is for us, and we must only go where God has assigned us to be. 

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0:00 Introduction

03:55 Gift of Prophecy & The Office of Prophecy

12:18 Deposits of God’s Gift in Us: Empaths, Discernment

13:22 Consequences of Untrained Gifts

14:42 Humility in Prophetic Movement

19:45 Humility, Anointing & Power

20:57 The Map & Territory Symbolism in Prophecy

22:18 Quit Chasing the Experiential 

23:07 The Natural and The Spirit: 1 Corinthians 15:46

28:26 A Natural Action & A Supernatural Reaction 

31:38 Speaking in Tongues: God’s Gift to His Church

41:35 Conclusion


June 18, 2023