How to Thrive in Last Days!

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“Trials don’t last always but we’re anointed to last always because we have the spirit of God in us and we’ve been anointed to outlive the trials in our lives”.

Today’s broadcast began with Joseph Z talking about how to survive in the last days and impede nefarious activities from flourishing over society. He discloses that there’s a new normal filled with chaos and difficulty; mostly because of technology, addiction to media, and crisis fatigue. Although everything going on across the land takes a toll on our lives, the only way we can overcome this is by getting in tune with the word of God; we must rise up with boldness and the strength of God inside of us. Surviving a world that’s totally messed up requires us to absolutely surrender to God, as commanded by God’s word in the Book of Romans 13:1-3.

Moving on, Joseph Z enlightens us that God is sovereign but He's not in control of everything happening because He limited himself by giving dominion to man over things on earth; nonetheless, God still has control over appointed authority. He went on to clarify that anything that God sets up can be perverted when people submit to their desires and lust instead of aligning with the word of God. We the people, are called by God to not only enforce the laws of the land but also to drive it; in order to drive out the perversion in the land. 

In addition, Joseph brings to our understanding that the kingdom of God is not a democracy but a theocracy that God runs; he referenced the word of God from the Book of Revelation 1:10, which establishes the authority of Jesus. He went on to proclaim that Jesus is Lord and we’re in Him; we’ve been called to preach the gospel and stand against the powers that be. He then assures us that Jesus designed us to win, prosper, and hear his voice in the middle of all the difficulties. Also, we can survive difficulties, just as Jesus’ disciples, for God has called us to a very high level of understanding. 

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0:00 Introduction

02:26 Thriving Through This Time

03:50 Trials Don’t Last Always

05:03 How to Rise Above The Trying Times

07:10 The Government is not Always Right

08:19 Romans 13:1-3: Interpretation

13:40 Sign of a God-Appointed Authority

15:00 God’s Plans Can Be Perverted

21:57 God’s Kingdom is a Theocracy: Revelation1:10

27:47 Times to Stand Against the Present Evil Age

28:33 Conclusion


June 19, 2023