How to Overcome the World!

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“Avoiding self-preservation is one of the ways we can begin to overcome a messed-up world”.

In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z continued with his teaching on the jacked-up world, specifically on how we can overcome the world. He brings to our understanding that mankind made a mess of the world right from the fall of Adam, and though a lot of people are trying a lot of things today; Jesus has got what we’re looking for, and we must repent and turn to Him. He went on to reference the word of God from the Book of John 16:32 to throw more light on how self-preservation plays out in certain circumstances. Despite this, Jesus proclaims boldly that He’s not alone, because the Father is with Him; in the same vain, we’re not alone because Jesus is with us despite everything going on today. 

Moving on, Joseph discloses that mankind is responsible for everything happening in the world today, but regardless, Jesus assures us that He has overcome the world, and we must cast all our cares on Him to be able to overcome as well. The world’s system is defeated when we recognize that thlípsis(tribulation) can only come against us if we let the world win; but we must always remember Jesus’ word, commanding us to be of good cheer for He has overcome the world. 

In addition, Joseph continues to the word of God taken from the Book of 1 John 5:1-2, which commands us to love our brothers and our neighbors; also, to keep to God’s commandments for His laws are not burdensome. He went on to clarify that “thlipsis” is empowered by the world, but we’ve got the power to overcome the world by our faith, for faith is the power that brings the world to its knees. Again, he informs us that we’re called to overcome the gates of hell, for we’re the light in the darkness, and also that peace is a weapon that we must wield to break through containment. 

Likewise, Joseph assures us that Jesus' peace surpasses all understanding and it guides our hearts in times of darkness; also, if the world finds humor in horrible things, how much more of us whom Christ has guaranteed a peace that passes all understanding?

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0:00 Introduction

01:18 Avoiding a Messed-up World: Self-Preservation

02:18 John16:32: You’re Not Alone

05:52 Jesus is What You Need

09:18 John 16:33: Overcome the World by Faith

10:16 Tribulation(Thlipsis): Interpretation

14:12 1 John 4:17-20: As He is, So Are We

17:10 1 John 5:1-4

22:00 Faith Brings the World to its Knees

24:18 Peace Breaks Through Containment

26:39 Peace that Passes All Understanding

28:19 Conclusion


June 21, 2023