Hope in the Last Days!

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“Peace doesn't depict calmness, it’s a supernatural revelatory understanding found in us when we fellowship with Jesus, and without peace, joy has no direction”.

In today’s live stream, Joseph Z carried on with his teaching on the jacked-up world, particularly about hope in the last days; throwing more light on how to survive in a crazy culture and messed up society. He emphasized that the peace that passes all understanding promised us by God will guide our hearts and mind through Christ Jesus; thereby helping us overcome. The peace that passes all understanding depicts Jesus' peace, a supernatural revelatory peace that is found in us by having fellowship with Jesus. 

Moving on Joseph brings to our understanding that the peace of Christ is what guides our hearts and protects us from being impacted by the persecutions and trials of the world. He went on to reference the word of God taken from the book of Isaiah 55:12, to emphasize that joy is the unction, and the proportion; a motivational, supernatural force that keeps us going, and also prevents us from quitting on the way. In addition, he brings to our knowledge that the kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy; which is found in us. 

Similarly, Joseph pushes forward by referencing the word of God from the Book of Psalms 85:8 to establish that God speaks peace in our lives, but when we fall back to folly, we lose the peace of God. Also, Ephesians 2:14-17 enlightens us more about Jesus being our peace; the message of Jesus is the gospel of peace, and it’s for everyone both far off and near. 

What’s more, Joseph informs us that peace will stop the turmoil that tries to hurt our hearts and mind; also, we can have peace in every circumstance if we depend continually on the word of God. He went on to enlighten us that the blood of Jesus makes us complete and that the gospel is correct, but the revelation is not complete until it’s working through us. 

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0:00 Introduction

02:10 Revelation of Peace

03:50 Peace is not Calmness

05:10 Peace is a Guard

05:48 Isaiah 55:12-17: Go Out with Joy

09:01 Peace and Joy: Comparison

10:07 The Kingdom of God is Within You

11:48 Psalm 85:8: How to Keep Your Peace

13:45 Ephesians 2:14 Jesus is Our Peace

19:40 Peace to the Saved and Unsaved

21:51 II Thessalonians 3:16: Peace in Everyway

24:36 Conclusion 


June 22, 2023