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“By grace, we’re saved through faith”

In today’s live stream, Joseph Z recounted his prophecies of June 15, 2023, where he revealed that there’ll be a new form of rebellion against “gender confusion”. He availed us of the opportunity of witnessing proof of this in a telecast showing a protest against this in the US by some students. He went on to encourage us that there are micro-wins that’ll accumulate into a roar in 2024. In addition, he went on to revisit his broadcast of June 15, 2023, where he disclosed to us that the UFO narrative is a distraction, trying to take our attention from the real issues which are: super-advanced tech at large now, blue beam, fallen angels, and media lies. 

Moving on, Joseph also recounted one of his earlier prophecies, regarding a pathway for victory for the righteous in the 2024 political arena; disclosing that there’ll be a time of transition and we’ll see the wicked exposed. Also, he further disclosed that there’ll be a great light, a revival, and shining power that God is bringing forward, and also that the future will not be as many had hoped it would be. He informed us that God is calling us into a place of action, and also that God is raising a million for a billion to challenge the present evil age. 

Similarly, Joseph reassured us that no matter who’s president, there’s a powerful roar, a victory, and an anointing coming in 2024; disclosing that the Lord has called us to an awakening. He went further to reveal that the spirit of the Lord is calling us higher, for there’s hope on the horizon, in multiple layers; for the season of the sons of Issachar is here. He then reassured us in his teaching that when we get born again we get saved from hell, and we begin to please God. He went further to proclaim that by grace we’re saved through faith and that everything we need in the natural is made available in the spirit.

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0:00 Introduction

1:30 A New Form of Rebellion

04:12 Distraction Narrative: The UFOs

08:45 The Real Issues

10:30 Pushback on AI

13:05 A Pathway for Victory

14:45 A New Turn in the Future

16:05 A Million for a Billion: Reformers

18:04 Call to a Reawakening

20:40 Saved & Salvation

24:54 The Natural & the Spirit

25:45 Conclusion


June 23, 2023