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“A man with a revelation is not at the mercy of a culture gone mad”.

In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z teaches how to hear God's authentic voice, and cautions us not to be deceived because psychics can be accurate too in prophecy. He went on to outline the four different types of prophecy and analyzed what each one of them represents. He brings to our understanding that the law is the power of sin and that giving ourselves to Jesus liberates us from the bondage of the law.

Moving on, Joseph went on to analyze the differences between real and false anointings. He exposes that a real prophet is humble, correctible or teachable, generous, and grounded in the scripture. While a false prophet, on the other hand, is characterized by false humility or pride which is “self-exultation” that leads to the love of money, and they’re also intentional with their actions. He proceeds to the gray aspect, in which he outlined that novices of the prophetic fall under this category. 

Moreso, Joseph enlightened us about who the reprobates in the prophetic are and how we can employ rebukes to redirect them onto the right path. He went on to teach that false prophecy is mostly fueled by bad leadership, and when we don't train, correct, and disciple, we end up aiding the false prophetic. He went further to disclose that God is not as religious as we think He is, He sees us at our worse and is not also as judgemental as people are. 

Furthermore, Joseph cautions that we have no business attacking other believers, but to have mature reformers, we must be honest about certain things that are not in line with the word of God. He then charges us to rise and create clear-eyed and clear-minded warriors that won’t be intimidated by the culture. 

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0:00 Introduction

05:28 Prophetic Evangelism

07:00 Evangelical Experiences

12:01 Religion: An Enemy of God

13:10 Four Types of Prophecy

15:53 Gazing: Psychic Mentalism & Cold Reading

18:59 Soul & Spirit: The Distinction

21:50 Trances & Visions: Differences

23:35 Jesus Fulfilled the Law: The Law is the Power of Sin

27:46 The Real & False Anointings: Qualities

35:54 Rebuke: Tool for Correction in the Prophetic

40:55 Conclusion