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“Just because things didn't go the way we interpreted them, doesn't mean that the Bible is inaccurate, it only means that people’s interpretation is inaccurate". 

In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z continues with his teaching on surviving a jacked-up world; he discloses that as time gets closer to the end, things will become more difficult, but we must not worry about it because Jesus already warned us about this in His word from the Book of Mathew 24:1-28. 

Moving on Joseph reassures us that we can be exempted from all the difficulties going on in the world today if we have an understanding of all that Christ revealed would happen, as this will brace us up and cause us to take solace in the second coming of Christ. Interestingly, he discloses that the things we’ve experienced so far are not the last to be experienced, as they are still the beginning of many sorrows; for there’ll be more to come according to the word of God. He went on to bring to our understanding as stipulated by God’s word, that many will have their hearts grow cold during the end times, but all those who endure to the end shall be saved. 

Similarly, Joseph insists that we’re not in the times of tribulation yet, and we should not be deceived when people rumor about stories of seeing Jesus or about being in the end times, because everyone shall witness the second coming of Christ, and all that He warned us about must surely come to pass before he finally arrives. 

More importantly, Joseph charges us to have great faith in God to be able to survive the present times and the tribulations to come. He reminded us that, “although it was dark in Egypt, there was light in Goshen”. 

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0:00 Introduction

01:25 More Pressure & Difficulty

03:00 Sign of the Times & End of the Age

07:13 Do not be Deceived nor Troubled

09:07 The End isn’t Here Yet

13:57 Endure to the End and be Saved

15:14 The Siege of Jerusalem

17:43 Alter Things By Prayer

19:51 The Great Tribulation

21:49 False Prophets Shall Rise

23:46 Luke

21:25 25:00 Conclusion


June 27, 2023