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Today’s broadcast began with Joseph Z delving deeper into his teaching on surviving a jacked-up world. He outlines the differences between the last days and the end times, referencing the word of the Lord taken from the Book of Luke 21:25 to emphasize more the things we’ll begin to see during the end times. He went further to inform us that the grace of God will cause us to miss the ground when we get thrown off. Additionally, he informs us that the spirit of the Lord is causing a way of escape in the middle of these difficult times.

Moving on, Joseph continues in his teaching by enlightening us more about how God sends a strong delusion to those who don’t love the Lord; according to him also, the critical element in surviving the jacked-up world is a love of the truth. Again, he insists that the love of the truth will keep us from deception, and delusion; it will also cause us to avoid the impulse of sin and immoral behaviors. He went further to inform us that God has called us to purity, and righteousness, and when we have the love of the truth, we begin to break out of all the difficulties about us.  

Similarly, Joseph teaches us that we can't say we love God without being a lover of the truth; he references the word of God in John 1:1-12 to bring to our knowledge what it means to be a disciple of God. A disciple is a disciplined follower of Jesus, and a disciplined follower of Jesus is a disciplined follower of His word. We’re sons and daughters of God when we become born again, and a disciple is a lover of the truth, disciplined and committed to the word of God. A lover of the truth can not be given over to self and what they want.

Furthermore, Joseph made us understand that we can have such a love of the truth that we’ll be complete and whole, it will also cause us to escape problems; also Jesus wants us to experience abundance and truth. He went on to enlighten us that the love of the truth will keep us and we can begin to hear God like never before if we have the love of the truth in our hearts. He then reassures us that Jesus has a plan for our lives, and he will never leave nor forsake us. He went further to declare that it will be well with us and that this time in our lives will be the best time we ever had if we don't get swayed from the word of God and the truth. 

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0:00 Introduction

01:05 Differences Between the Last Days and End Times

02:51 Perplexity in the End Times: Meaning

05:30 The Lawless One

07:00 Consequences of Rejecting the Truth

08:29 Key Element in Survving a Jacked-up World

12:30 The Love of the Truth: An Instrument of Survival

15:32 Who is a Lover of the Truth?

16:05 John 1:1-12: Power to Become Children of God

21:05 Who’s a Disciple?

26:11 Conclusion


June 28, 2023