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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z recounted his prophecy of December 29, 2023, where he revealed that the antichrist Babylonian system will be pierced by the Lord, and the Epstein list will be revealed. He made more revelations that the perverts will have their day, and it will not be a positive one. He then proceeded down to his prophecy of April 25, 2023, where he made more revelations about the coming of more fiery journalists, those who would not take ‘no’ for an answer; young lions who would be an army of truth that will say it the way that it is.

Moving on, Joseph again recounted his prophecy of July 20, 2022, where he cautioned us to watch out for the sign of the Madonna and the sign of the Queen of England; and we can see a confirmation of that from the news on the 28 of June 2023, disclosing that Madonna is reportedly hospitalized because of a certain bacterial infection. He then went on to his prophecy of 30th May, 2023 where he revealed that there’ll be events pertaining to oceanic circumstances; which has now been confirmed with the titanic submarine mishap that took place recently. 

Again, Joseph revisited his prophecy of January 16, 2023, and June 15, 2023, where he prophesied about things appearing in the heavens, warned about the dangers of AI, as well as the UFO narrative which he made us understand is a distraction from the real issues. He outlined the real issues to be absolute tech that’s super-advanced that we do not know about, project blue beam, the fallen angel narrative, and media lies. 

Furthermore, Joseph recounted his teaching of June 26, 2023, where he informed us that one of the elements of surviving in chaos is reminiscing the lives of the early church and how they overcame all the persecution meted at them. He made reference to the life of Polycarp(the martyr) and encouraged us to emulate his life and take courage in knowing that we’ll overcome by persisting in our walk with Jesus. Similarly, he revisited his teaching of June 28 where he warns that these are not the end times, but the last days. He reassures us that we’re called to survive the jacked-up world, and charges us to be steadfast in God’s word to overcome. 

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0:00 Introduction

01:54 Young Fiery Journalists: Army of Truth

03:35 Oceanic Circumstances: Prophecy Confirmation

05:06 Strange Things In the Heavens

05:51 UFO Narrative: An Absolute Distraction

10:03 Pushback on AI: Warnings About AI

14:40 Surviving in Chaos: Survival Techniques

16:18 Endure to the End and be Saved

18:44 Hebrews 6:9: Show Faith & Patience

21:05 The End Time is Yet to Come

24:59 Conclusion


June 30, 2023