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Today’s broadcast began with Joseph Z making revelations about certain political figures in the US, he discloses the sense he had about cooperation between God and His Church. He reveals that the Lord is calling us now to stand, and for those who have been betrayed, and trampled upon; the Lord’s arm is open to welcome them to His embrace. He insists that God wants us to rise and shine in the middle of darkness and that freedom of speech will have one more round. He went on to condemn the activities of certain men of God who are coming into the open to mislead people and also commends the cancellation of some student loans by the government.

Moving on, Joseph reveals that there’s going to be another round that’ll be more difficult because, we’ll first witness a crash of the economy, and we’ll also witness another release of sickness into the air. He insists that we must rise against the spirit of fear to stop this wicked culture, for as long as the Church is here; we’ll see a turn and we’ll outrun our enemies. He made more revelations about the submarine implosion and its relation to the former Titanic occurrence and the issues that surrounded it.

In addition, Joseph makes more disclosure about the sense he has about us going into a time of great pressure, for in great pressure are diamonds formed, and victories will begin to multiply. Interestingly, he reveals that AI will participate in the next world war and that we must take heed for the singularity is at hand. He insists again that CERN activities are encouraging the penetration of demonic entities into the world through AI.

Furthermore, Joseph reveals that there’ll be micro wins that’ll accumulate into a roar in 2024 and, a pushback against people that want to destroy the lives of our children. He went on to reveal that a revival is coming on the horizon; also, he makes more revelation regarding “45” and what we may see in the coming year. Again he reveals that we’ll see more cyberwar, blackouts, ship-on-the-sea mishaps, and AI taking more control than it’s been given. He concluded with great assurance that a turnover is coming, and we should rest assured that Jesus loves us, and He’s making a great way for us.

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0:00 Introduction

01:30 Cooperation Between God & His Church

05:55 Another Round for Freedom of Speech

10:47 Rise Against the Spirit of Fear

11:58 Revelations about Pressure & Difficulty

13:26 Prophetic Scenario Around the Submarine

19:57 AI & The Next World War

22:19 CERN & Demon Worship

28:40 Micro Wins Accumulation into Roars

32:17 Questions Regarding the Election

36:21 The Great Turnover is Coming

46:30 Prayers, Personal Prophecies & Conclusion