How to Find Your Purpose and Destiny!

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In today’s live stream, Joseph Z teaches about how we can find our purpose and destiny in life. He acknowledges that most of us know that we’re born for a reason but we often don’t know what that purpose is.  He references the word of God from the Book of John 1:12 to give us a clue about what our purpose is, which is becoming sons and daughters of God. He went on to reveal some roadblocks that prevent us from achieving our purpose in life, and the first on the list is idealism. “Idealism”, according to him, is something that seems right to us but it’s wrong information, and Idealism can limit us when we put ideals before the word of God.

Moving on, Joseph references the story of King Josiah in the Bible to elaborate on the danger of idealism and how it can destroy our purpose and destiny. He compared the wisdom of the old to that of the young and insists that Idealism abounds in young people than in the old. Besides idealism, the second barrier that hinders us from finding our purpose is hidden agendas, and it means doing all the right things for all the wrong reasons. It also means doing things under the guise of meeting what’s required, but all along having our gratification in mind. 

Joseph went further to bring to our understanding that, gifts done with a pure heart will give us favor with the king. He references the story of Ananias and Saphira in the Book of Acts to elaborate on the dangers of hidden agenda and how doing things for our gratification can bring our destiny to an abrupt end. Similarly, Joseph elaborates more about the punishment meted out to Ananias and Saphira by God, and why they got the grave punishment that they did. Hidden agendas may fool people but God judges the heart and will always judge and reward us according to our heart. 

Furthermore, Joseph names the third barrier to discovering our purpose which is self-preservation, and he references Judas’ betrayal of Jesus for his gain. Another example of self-preservation as disclosed by Joseph is the story of David and his friend Jonathan, who promised to stick with him to the end but couldn’t live up to it because of self-preservation. He then reassures us that God wants us to win more than we do, and we must baptize ourselves with the word of God, surrender to the holy ghost, and find the right people to be able to find our purpose. 

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0:00 Introduction

02:28 Hindrances to Actualizing Your Purpose: Idealism

04:17 King Josiah: A Victim of Idealism

06:03 The Old & Young: Dichotomy

08:08 Idealism: Predominant in Young People

12:05 Hidden Agendas: Meaning

13:19 Stories Surrounding Hidden Agenda

16:42 Punishment for Hidden Agenda

20:51 Self Preservation: Meaning

21:23 Judas: A Victim of Self-preservation

23:01 Jonathan: Another Victim of Self Preservation

25:51 Conclusion


July 06, 2023