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“When we’re with God we get revelation and understanding of who He is and what he wants us to do”.

In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z teaches about the light of God. He states that whatever is happening in the world today, we should know that God is not caught off-guard, and we must be aware that in the middle of difficulty, we can rise because God has empowered us to do so. He went on to disclose that the sons of Issachar understood the times and seasons, and most of us are aware that we’re in the season when many things God revealed would happen are beginning to happen, but we may not have the proper tribal alignment to know what to do about these times. 

Moving on, Joseph referenced the word of God from the Book of Psalm 36:5, where he brings to our knowledge that serving God brings supernatural pleasure, and there’s no other life outside of God. Many of us have a calling for a high capacity, and God is willing for us to rise, and He also will provide everything we need to thrive in that. He went on to draw our attention to the word of God from the Book of Hebrews 12:21-23 where he informs us that when we receive Jesus, we have a reconnection with God the Father, and in the spirit, we’ve everything we need.

Similarly, Joseph exposes that, when we know who we are, we’ll also know what we can do. Also, when we begin to rightly align with what God has called us to, we begin to rise above the fear of the world and our limitation. He charges us not to be afraid when we look upon the darkness in the world because we’re of God and our lives in Jesus. He reassures us that God loves us to the point that He gave up His only son for our sake. 

More importantly, Joseph reassures us once again, that God is with us and he will break us out of everything we’re going through; for Victory is coming to us, and this is our hour of visitation, where God is glorified in us. 

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0:00 Introduction

03:22 I Chronicles 12:32: Sons of Issachar

06:50 It’s Never Too Late

07:12 Psalm 36:5-9

09:31 Supernatural Pleasure in God

12:03 God’s Called You to a High Capacity

12:48 Hebrews 12:21-23

15:07 How to Reconnect with God the Father

18:44 Jesus Loves You

20:31 Hall of Faith: Hebrews 11

24:53 The Greatest Love of All

27:329 Conclusion


July 09, 2023