How to Overcome the World!

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“If we can change our minds, we can change our circumstances”. 

In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z continues with his teaching on the forging of a leader, with specific aspects on how we can overcome the world. He discloses the rest of the three hindrances to achieving or reaching our purpose, beginning with laziness. Laziness, according to Joseph, is when people do just enough to get by; it is also a form of not pushing through to the target and a way of letting the enemy into our lives. If we’re functional, we owe it to God and ourselves to be productive. He further explains that laziness is the flesh, and a desire to be cared for without lifting a finger. 

Again, Joseph employs the word of the Lord from the Book of Proverbs 26:13 to outline the attributes of lazy people, and how they find excuses for everything. The lack of discipline can also be attributed to laziness because there are many excuses that lazy people employ to avoid being responsible for things that they should be responsible for. Again, he brings to our understanding the importance of rising early and taking charge of our day. He also makes us understand that people are saddled with their own lives and have little or no patience for lazy people who resort to self-pity and who feel sorry for themselves, expecting others to cater to their excesses. 

Moving on, Joseph outlines the fifth hindrance to accomplishing our purpose, which is rebellion. Rebellion, according to him, is rooted in pride, and most times, rebellious people learn the hard way because they’re unteachable and seek after their wisdom. Also, he discloses the sixth obstacle to our purpose, which is offense. He explains that offense is poisonous even when we’re justified. He references the story of the rich young ruler in the Bible, whom Christ asked to give up everything he owned and follow him, but was offended because of it and thereby missed out on the reward of following Christ. This story elaborates on the danger of offense and how it jeopardizes our future and God’s purpose for our lives. 

In addition, Joseph reassures us of Jesus’s love for us and urges us to discard all outlined hindrances that pose a threat to achieving our purpose and destiny. 

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0:00 Introduction

05:27 Laziness: The Fourth Hindrance to Achieving Your Purpose

06:17 Proverbs 26:13-16

07:22 Attributes of Laziness

08:33 Overcoming Laziness

10:03 Womb of the Morning: Meaning

18:52 Laziness is the Flesh

20:45 Rebellion: The Fifth Hindrance to Purpose Fulfillment 2

3:50 Offense: The Sixth Hindrance to Purpose Fulfillment

27:16 Conclusion


July 7, 2023