False Believers & The Manchurian Administration of SHALL FAIL!!—Fierce Judges are coming! Sound of Freedom and the...

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“The humble will be lifted and the pride of men will fall”.

Earlier today, Joseph Z prophesied about an anointing for fierce judges who’ll emerge, to stand and push back the evil culture. He reveals that there’ll be an uncovering and separation between those who fear God and those who don’t. He challenges us to be true to ourselves when we get born again by committing to living a life that depicts what we’ve professed. He discloses that we’re in a crucial window of judgment against nefarious characters trying to seize control of many nations of the world. Regardless, there’s hope and strength for those that love the Lord, a special anointing of provision available for us and everyone who believes in the Lord. he again reveals that the judges will stand up to proclaim the real sound of liberty that is to come, and there’ll be serious moments of recompense and clarity.

Also, Joseph discloses that in the middle of all that is happening all over the world, there’s another round of victory on the horizon, for those that don’t shrink back. There’ll also be significant provision and hope for us all; for God is calling us to live. He went further to pray that the church wakes up because things are going to get very serious in the world as time goes by. He insists that a new wave of prophets is coming, who’ll be clear-eyed, clear-minded, and would not be shaken by the culture. Also, there’ll be clarity on the horizon, for we’re in a time that demands us to check ourselves and be sure if we’re for God or against Him. 

Again, Joseph reveals the sense he has about the Manchurian leadership, which he believes will flip. There’ll also be a supernatural provision coming for us, even though there’s been a suppression of truth. In addition, he acknowledges that the pressure might get intense with the approach of summer and we’ll witness events in the sea, but the Lord will take care of it. Again, he informs us that the Lord is calling us higher, to rise to the present evil age and take charge. 

Furthermore, Joseph proclaims that God will continue to make a way for us and our families, and we all will be alright as we continue to depend on God. there’ll be a collapse of the media and entertainment specifically in the woke and liberal angle, and there’ll be a rise of conservative media. He then charges us to be strong as we press through the hard times, as the spirit of the Lord will make a way of increasing for us all. 

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0:00 Introduction

01:54 An Uncovering & Separation

03:19 Special Anointing for Provision

03:25 Emergence of Fierce Judges

05:20 Another Round of Victory: A Wave of Recompense

06:52 A Reckoning for False Believers

09:59 New Wave of Prophets & Clarity

11:04 Are You for God or Against Him?

12:11 A Flip for the Manchurian Administration

12:50 Supernatural Provision: Intense Pressure

14:52 Galatians 1:4: God’s Will for Your Life

16:07 Conclusion


July 12, 2023