Prophetic Signs—Sodom & Gomorrah Found! Euphrates River

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“Those who regard worthless idols, Forsake their own Mercy”.

In today’s live stream, Joseph Z reveals prophetic insights into the Euphrates River and addresses the recent claims on discoveries regarding Sodom and Gomorrah. He proceeds by addressing Matt Gaetz and Director Wray’s interview earlier on regarding the goings-on in the US Federal Bureau of Intelligence; which he considers to be an exposure of those being used by the antichrist. He refers to the word of God in the Book of Isaiah 19:5 to throw more light on the drying up of the river Euphrates. In addition, he addresses the recent misinterpretation of the word of God from the Book of Revelation 16:12 and its relation to the present situation of the Euphrates River. He clarifies that this scripture is not speaking about the present situation with the Euphrates River and cautions that we’re not in the end times yet. He insists that the Euphrates situation is a sign of weaponization of water, that is being carried out at the moment for political reasons. 

Moving on, Joseph continues to enlighten us more about the Euphrates situation, which he insists is a sign, but different from what the scripture says regarding this, as it is not yet time for what the Bible says regarding this, to be carried out yet, according to biblical interpretations of the times. He reveals that there’s a hidden treasure in the middle of the conflict and turmoil going on in the culture; because although there was darkness in Egypt, there was light in Goshen. Also, he addresses the recent controversy going around regarding the discovery of the desolate alphabet city(Sodom&Gommorah). He went further to make more exposure regarding the incidents that led to the destruction of this city and also the extent of this city’s perversion. 

Interestingly, Joseph insists that God destroyed the alphabet city for their untold perversion to homosexuality, and we must not be like Lot’s wife by turning back to that, which God has condemned. He reassures us of Jesus’s love, and how He’s making a new way for us to understand everything that’s taking place at the moment. He went on to interpret the prophetic representation of the stolen ark, which he insists represents a power shift. He then insists that we’re getting into the season and time when there’ll be a return of the ark. 

Furthermore, Joseph reveals that there’ll be a roar in 2024; the humble will be lifted and the pride of man will be resisted; the humble shall also receive a special grace from God. Again, he reveals that there’ll be a prophetic alignment, the rise of a populace, and a short economic collapse for China. He releases God’s favor and healing over us all and binds demonic entities that are ravaging our lives. He declares that we shall have life and more abundantly!

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0:00 Introduction

02:45 The FBI on Data Handling

07:19 The Euphrates River Narrative

08:19 Isaiah 11:15, Isaiah 19:5, Revelation 16:12

12:21 Sensus Plenior(Deeper Fuller Meaning)

15:24 Weaponization of Water

20:04 River Euphrates’ State: Fulfilment of Revelation 16:12?

21:31 Hidden Treasures: Prophetic Revelation

24:51 Controversies Surrounding Sodom&Gomorrah

32:56 City of Axum & The Ark of the Covenant

37:45 Return of the Ark

55:11 Conclusion