A Sense of Great Change is in the Air… I’m Praying.

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Earlier today, Joseph makes a revelation about a great change for ministerial leaders and a sense he has about leaders and voices specifically in the church arena. He advises that we don’t go beyond what is written and stay committed to the word of God. He brings our attention to the Book of Romans 16:17-18, where God cautions that we desist from people who seek after their own appetite, and those who practice beliefs contrary to the word of God. He went on to reveal that the change that is coming will be witnessed governmentally, and financially. Also, he reveals that there'll be a massive platform transition.

Moving on, Joseph brings our attention to the word of God drawn from John 14:1, which charges us not to let our hearts be troubled, for Christ has gone to prepare a place for us. He went on to reveal that there’s a generational change, even in the way that God is doing things in this generation. Also, he reveals that decisions are being made in the presidential sphere, and we’ll also witness unique ways made in the economic arena. 

Again, Joseph encourages us to keep on serving Jesus and assures us that the Lord will grant us double for our troubles. He went further to remind us that whatever we ask of the Lord, He’ll grant it to us; he prays for peace that passes all understanding for us all. He advises leaders who have gone astray to retrace their steps. He was later joined by Heather, she encourages us to stir ourselves up and pray in the holy ghost to strengthen our spirit. They pray that the spirit of God opens our eyes and declares life over us all. 

Furthermore, Heather brings to our knowledge what happens when we pray in the holy ghost and also teaches us how to communicate our thoughts to God. Heather prays for peace over us all, she declares that no weapon formed against us shall prosper, and raises the word of God on our behalf to shield us from all evil.

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July 13, 2023