Prophetic Update—XRP Rise Predicted, A.I. Mapping the Universe

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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z recounted his prophecy of July 28, 2022, where he made certain revelations about XRP, and also revisited his prophecy of Dec 31, 2019, where he made revelations about AI and cautions that we should be aware of the people programming these systems. He expressed concern that it may run out of the hands of the developers to the point that it can’t be controlled anymore. He revealed then also, that we’ll see a technology that’ll map the entire universe, and will lead to us losing our privacy.

Moving on, Joseph recounted his prophecy of February 8, 2021, where he made revelations about a new freedom technology that’ll come onto the scene. He exposed that there’ll be new media that’ll grant absolute freedom of speech, and wouldn't seek to control what people say. Also, he revisited his prophecy of Dec 16, 2021, where he insists on this same freedom tech, which he believes will not be silenced as they’ve done with the rest of the previous social media platforms. He further revealed that this freedom tech will begin to come into existence in the year 2023 up to the year 2024, and it’ll make major headlines soon. 

Similarly, Joseph continued to persist in his prophecy about freedom tech as seen in his broadcast of January 4, 2023. He charges us to watch for the sign for freedom tech that’ll let people speak freely. He then proceeded to his broadcast of July 20th, 2022 where he raised a concern about a sign he saw regarding Madonna, which was later confirmed with a piece of news revealing that Madonna suffered from a bacterial infection. Also on April 5, 2022, Joseph made a revelation about Disney, disclosing that it will take a financial hit, and this was later confirmed on the news aired on the 27th of June, 2023, where it was revealed that Disney suffered a huge financial loss. 

More interestingly, Joseph also recounted his prophecy of June 15, 2022, where he revealed that CNN will change hands or be out of business. We witnessed also his interview of June 3, 2023, where he had a session with Todd Coconato talking about the political affairs of the US, and he made certain political prophecies for the coming years. He also revealed in that same interview that there’re reformers coming; it’ll be like a revival of reformers who’ll not be hooked by institutionalism. In the same interview, Joseph also analyzed the activities of the CERN and made some exposure about what is really going on there. He exposed that the Cern activities are opening up portals that admit demonic entities through tech and insists that the UFO narratives lay credence to this. 

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0:00 Introduction

03:45 Concerns About AI

06:39 New Freedom Technology

08:09 One More Round of a Voice of Freedom

09:35 Supreme Court in Mainstream Media

10:18 Sign of Hope for Free Speech

14:11 Sign of the Madonna

14:46 Warning about Oceanic Circumstances: Titan Submarine

16:15 A Shakeup for Disney

17:34 Revelation about CNN

18:10 More Exposure: Politics, CERN, Fallen Angel Tech

27:35 Conclusion