Truth about Noah’s Ark a Hidden Prophecy in Scripture!

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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z features Rick Renner, sharing truths about Noah’s ark and some hidden prophecy in the scripture. Rick started by sharing his experience about his visit to Noah's Ark and confirms that the ark is not on Mount Ararat, but on Mount Judi(a small mountain in the geographical area of Ararat) which means “the place of the landing”. Rick went on to share more experiences about the ancient house of Noah and how it was converted into a church for preservation. As we also learned from Rick, Noah’s house can be found in a small town named the Village of Eight. Similarly, he went on to bring a little exposure to the book of Enoch and analyzed the activities of fallen angels and how they procreated with humans and animals; producing giants and monsters, thereby leading to God cleansing the earth with the flood.

Moving on, Rick continues to enlighten us about God’s mercy and how mankind was granted more years to get it right and repent, but since that wasn’t forthcoming, the flood had to come. Rick responded to the question of transhumanism, with the word of God drawn from the Book of Luke 21:11, elaborating on the strange things that we shall witness from the sky during the end times. Joseph Z admits that the strange things that led to the destruction of the world prior to the flood are beginning to come onto the scene. 

Interestingly, Rick presents us with more analysis of the goings-on in the US at the moment, referencing the opposition that Christians suffered during the early Christian years, just because of the word of God. He acknowledges that this same opposition is now being witnessed across the US and people are hungry for God’s divine intervention. He went further to bring our attention to the word of God drawn from the Book of 2 Timothy 3:8 to enlighten us more about how the church will be confronted with so much resistance during the end times, comparing it to the present happenings today. 

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0:00 Introduction

01:57 Rick’s Visit to Noah’s Ark

03:27 Noah’s Ark Rested on Mount Judi

05:59 The Days of Noah: Prophetic Message

09:48 Events Before the Flood: The Book of Enoch

13:55 Mercy & Patience of God

16:53 Transgenderism & Transhumanism: Luke 21:11

20:44 Rick’s View on The State of the Nation

24:42 Analysis of the Current Season & Time

26:26 2 Timothy 3:8: Jannes and Jambres

31:00 Conclusion