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“This is not the end”.

In today's live stream, Joseph Z makes interesting exposures regarding necessary announcements coming to the body of Christ. He reveals the sense he has about some important personalities and the world of cinema; especially in the Hollywood industry. He exposes that there’ll be more voices of conservatives, that artificial intelligence will begin to play a great role in the cinema, and a number of individuals will be independent of Hollywood, resorting to doing things their way. Again, he brings our attention to the word of God from the Book of John 1:12, which promises a right to become sons and daughters of God to those who receive Him.

Moving on, Joseph brings to our knowledge that when we begin to grow in the word of God, we become disciples of Christ, and the word of God takes charge of our lives. He cautions that we stay in the written word of God and grow in our discernment as disciples of Christ. Every one of us has the voice of God in us, and we must listen to Him, embrace the spirit of God, and allow the word of God to take root in us. In addition, he makes more revelations about the political arena, revealing interesting pictures of what to expect in the next political era.

Similarly, Joseph discloses the message he received from God, which is an assurance that this is not the end for us, even though we’re on a cycle of a repeat of history. He reminds us that, we must reach the lost, for there’s an urgency to reach those staggering off the path that God’s mapped out for us. He went further to reveal that there’ll be an accumulation of micro wins into a roar in the coming year 2024, and we may witness some strange happenings in the semblance of a fire in 2025, and pick up STICKS in the year 2026.

Furthermore, Joseph discloses another revelation involving a roundtable of the prophetic and the apostolic; also hubs of revival will soon be in the scene. He assures us that the Lord is making a great way for us all and that the Spirit of the Lord has anointed us to bring good news to the poor. Again, he insists that “the humble will be lifted and the pride of man will fall”. He again reminds us of the task of raising a million clear-eyed reformers, for a billion.

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0:00 Introduction

02:14 The World of Cinema: Expect Adjustments

04:30 AI in Cinema?

06:43 Prophetic Accuracy

08:00 John 1:12: Sons & Daughters of God

16:37 Listen to the Word of God

20:30 Interesting Exposure to Political Candidates

23:44 This is Not the End

28:30 Prophecies about Coming Years

32:17 Roundtable of the Apostolic & Prophetic

37:27 The Humble Will be Lifted

39:31 Conclusion