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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z bears some revelations about the sense he has regarding a tremendous flood, which he depicts to mean a cleansing that’ll provoke repentance from the alphabet crew and those possessed by the spirit of Jezebel. He discloses that they’ll rebel against the very rebellion that had captured them, and we’ll also witness opposition against the transracial. He shared his experiences about his journey in ministry and how he arrived at the realization that the ministry is about the people and not about him as a person.

Moving on, Joseph shares more experiences about the difficulties he encountered in his walk with God, and how he felt unworthy after being dealt lots of blows by the challenges of life, but God pulled him up and restored him completely. He went on to inform us that the spirit of the Lord is raising an age of transparency, and an age of humility; for the humble will be lifted while the pride of man will fall. Also, there’s a breakthrough coming for those who have been oppressed by the spirit of Jezebel, and the things that have been in the darkness will come to light. He also reveals that the future is not set, and we should expect some interesting turn of events, as the Manchurian candidate may still be retained.

Similarly, Joseph brings our attention to the book of Deutronomy 29:29 which enlightens us that the secret things belong to the Lord, but that, which is revealed, belongs to us and our children. The Book of Romans 11:33 also lays credence to this by marveling at the depth of God’s wisdom, and how unsearchable His judgements are. Also, he brings our attention to the Book of 2 Peter 1:10-12 to enlighten us more on our duty to confirm our calling and identify the truth within us.

More importantly, Joseph reminds us again that we’re in the season of the rise of the humble, and the glory of the Lord. He reassures us that when we humble ourselves before God, He lifts us up. He then prays for the victory of God over us all and speaks “increase” and God’s favor over us all.

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0:00 Introduction

03:27 Tremendous Flood & Cascading Rain

04:43 A Turn & Change of Heart

19:00 The Humble Are Lifted

21:02 The Manchurian Defeat: Dichotomy

26:05 Eyes to See & Ears to Hear: Deuteronomy 29:29

28:19 Romans 11: 33

31:48 Revelation 1:6 Kingdom of Priests

34:10 2 Peter 1: 10-12: Understanding Revealed Truth

46:55 Ability to Break Victory

47:57 Humility

50:30 Conclusion