PROPHETIC UPDATE - Floods Prophecy, Round Tables, FREEDOM TECH

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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z recounted his prophecy of July 19, 2023, where he revealed that there’ll be floods, and unique water breakages coming to the scene, which he believes is a sign of a cleansing, revival, and breakthroughs. He went on to reveal that there’ll be roundtables of the apostolic and the prophetic; that we should also expect tents and hubs of revival because it is coming strongly into the scene. He then revisited his prophecy of February 8, 2021, where he revealed that there’ll be a freedom tech and a fresh social media voice that’ll come forward to make freedom of speech a norm once again. 

As seen in his broadcast of December 16, 2021, Joseph insists once more on his prophecy regarding this same freedom tech that’ll come along in 2023 leading up to the 2024 election. He also recounted his prophecy of January 4, 2023, where he instructed us to watch out for a freedom tech through some individuals and charged us to pray so that the outcome would be in favor of freedom of speech. This was later confirmed on a piece of news aired on the fifth of July, 2023 as we could see concerns were raised regarding censoring of speech on various social media platforms. 

Similarly, Joseph recounted his prophecy of April 5, 2022, when he revealed that Disney would take a hit and would try to cover it up but would be unable to. In addition, we also witnessed his prophecy of May 30, 2023, where he disclosed that there’ll be oceanic events and this was confirmed with the June 28th imploding of the Titanic submarine.

Reassuringly, Joseph reminds us that Generation Alpha is coming to rise against the present evil culture. He then allows us a sneak peek into his conventions since this year courtesy of our Godsent partners. He declares freedom upon those who struggle hard without attaining their goals, assures us that we all are made for this time, and charges us not to shrink back;  for we’re marked by the Blood of the Lamb. 

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0:00 Introduction

01:25 Flood: Unique Breakages of Water

04:20 Calling Forth the Young Generation

05:28 Hubs & Tents of Revival

07:25 Roundtables of the Apostolic & the Prophetic

08:29 Freedom Technology

10:29 One More Round of A Voice of Freedom

11:47 Freedom Tech: Twitter

15:59 Financial Hit on Disney

17:16 Oceanic Circumstances: Subs &n Ships

18:46 Sneak Peek at Our Conventions & Conclusion