Red Church - Truth about the Prophetic - Part 1

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“Religion is an imitation of a bad model”

In today’s Red Church broadcast, we’re encouraged by the reassuring words of Joseph Z, informing us that this is not the end and that there’s a calling on us all to bring order to confusion. He declares that the spirit of the Lord will bring order to our lives, and as seen in the Book of 2 Timothy 3:15- 16; we are reminded that the spirit of the Lord has anointed us for such a time as this to bring good news to the lonely. He further brings to our understanding that the real prophets of God are known for their humility, and if there be any with no humility, he’s not of God. He also informs us that we’re all equal before God, and God has equipped us all who believe in Him with the gifts we need to excel in our purpose if we do not relent in our obedience to Him.

Moving on, Joseph makes us understand that pride made the devil fall, and he expresses fear that pride has come upon the prophetic and the church of Christ. He went on to assert once more that religion bows us down like slaves but Jesus came and stood us up, as sons and daughters of God. He reassures us that God is not in a bad mood, and prays that the spirit of control be broken off of us, whilst reminding us of God’s love for us.

Furthermore, Joseph teaches us that there’s a process to prophesy. He advises us to be cautious in our approach to it because the actual event is usually different from what we see in the spirit. Also, he reveals that there are three steps to prophecy: revelation, interpretation, and application. He charges us to imbibe the spirit of humility in the area of the prophetic and be open to correction when we make mistakes. Again, he reminds us that God is calling us to humble ourselves because He resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.

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0:00 Introduction

06:25 Mathew 24: The End of the Age

07:44 2 Timothy 3:15

08:58 The Lord is Recalliberating the Prophetic

13:00 Revelation 1:6: Kingdom of Priests

14:23 Revelation 19:10 

24:14 Pride in the Prophetic

32:02 Religion: Imitation of a Bad Model

37:43 Processes to the Prophetic

40:33 The Great Commission

46:46 Conclusion