God uses Imperfect Leaders & Disciples—Develop Your Staying Power

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Every one of us is called to lead, in our homes, workplaces, and other social circles. What kind of followers would you like to have as a leader?

In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z exposes how God uses imperfect leaders and disciples, and also how we can develop our staying power in life. We’re destined to mature, and this maturity can be determined by how we interact with the people around us. He elaborates that the motivation behind our actions is important to God, and we should constantly ponder on the reason behind our actions to determine whether we’re doing the right things for the wrong or the right reasons. 

Moving on, Joseph discloses that Respect and Honour are two aspects that are vital in our daily living, because the way we treat people is a way of worshipping God, and tells a lot about our relationship with God. Also, these attributes are determined by whose authority we’re under, and how we follow that authority will determine how we will lead in the future. He explains that we can only attract the kinds of people that we are and as such we must be careful about the kind of person we are to the people around us. 

Moreso, Joseph instructs that it is always right to have character because our values are very necessary for our staying power in whatever area we’ve been called to serve. He went further to teach that there’s a crack in leadership when a certain behavior is rampant and recurring in a ministry, especially in the area of moral decadence. He cautions that we be careful with what we teach and how we lead the people God has put in our charge, because anything we teach people, they grow with it and amplify it; this may lead to chaos in that setting after a long while.

Similarly, Joseph again brings to our understanding that we must have an expectation of how we want the people around us to act and behave; trusting that they would meet our expectations of them. He then advises that if we find ourselves in a toxic culture that is not changing, we should make the decision to make a detour, so as not to be corrupted by the bitterness we feel; because the kind of servant we are, is the kind of leader we would be. 

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0:00 Introduction

01:55 Issues of the Heart: Respect & Honour

03:34 The Real Interpretation of Character

05:53 What Happens When You’re Under Authority?

11:38 Determine the Kind of Person You Want to Be

12:23 Judge Yourself, So as Not to be Judged

14:07 Develop Your Character ad Core Values

17:04 What Kind of Followers Do You Wish to Have?

22:01 Caution About Wong Teachings

24:30 Under Whose Authority Are You?

25:44 Learn When to Draw a Line

27:44 Conclusion