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“Strong people with a heart of humility, are a hard nut for the devil to crack”.

In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z teaches us how to act in faith and submit to God. He brings our attention to the Book of James 4:6-7 to elaborate on how God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. He clarifies that grace is found in submission to God, and when we submit to God, and resist the devil, we fortify ourselves against the trap of the enemy. Also, in the Book of James 4:10, as Joseph made us see, Jesus charges us to humble ourselves before God so that we will be lifted. He went further to disclose that submission to God and obeying him, translates to humility to Him. 

Moving on, Joseph brings to our understanding that humility is a heart condition and not a behavior, for it is seen by God, who alone can see the heart of man. Again, he makes us understand that false humility is when we do all the right things for all the wrong reasons, and also when we do things to appear good in the eyes of people. In addition, he brings to our knowledge that promotion comes from God, and the heart level embodies pliability and kindness. Strong people, according to him,  are people who are kind and are not afraid to stand up to evil. We can see this in the life of Moses, Joshua, and Elisha who were strong and lived all their days standing up for God and against evil. 

Similarly, Joseph elaborates more that Elisha was such a strong leader that had little patience for rebellion and disobedience, as can be seen in how he punished his servant Gehazi who went behind him and received a bribe in secret. He went further to advise that if we keep our hearts right and don't faint, God will show up for us in ways that we can’t imagine. He then charges us to be good servants and sow into our future.  

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0:00 Introduction

01:01 Submission: Interpretation

02:21 James 4: 6-7 Submission to God

05:16 Submit to God & Resist the Devil

06:50 Humble Yourself in the Sight of God

08:00 Humility is in the Heart

10:27 False Humility

12:42 Weak & Powerful People

16:08 Biblical Strong Leaders & Their Servants

27:50 Conclusion