Prophetic Update: UFO Disclosure Revealed What is Really Happening—Michelle Obama’s Big Announcement, Disney Failure!

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In today’s broadcast, we’ve been availed another opportunity to learn Joseph Z’s earlier prophecies on so many issues, beginning with his revelation on November 8, 2022, where he disclosed that we may witness the rise of Newsome. He proceeds down to his prophecy of July 19, 2023, where he made a revelation about some false women's narratives, and disclosed also that there’ll be a counter against the Jezebel spirit by women who have a spiritual right standing with God. He also went on to disclose a shake-up that will be witnessed by Disney financially, which was confirmed by a news broadcast on June 23, 2023. Another confirmation of this was an interview granted by Disney’s CEO on the 24th of July, 2023.

Again, he revisited his prophecy of December 2020 where he revealed that we’ll see a high-level narrative of the UFO come onto the scene. He believes that people have been given over to delusions and deception just as was revealed in the word of God and encouraged us to pray and stay alert. He went further to revisit his prophecy of May 12, 2022, where he stated that there’s no such thing as an alien and that aliens are falsified narratives derived to control the masses. 

Similarly, Joseph recounted his prophecy of November 21, 2022, where he insisted once more that there’s no such thing as aliens, instead there are issues that are being hidden away from the masses using the false UFO/alien narratives. Such issues include new technology, project blue beam, and fallen angels activities, encouraged by CERN. We also witnessed in this broadcast, a replay of the news broadcast earlier regarding the testimonies of people who claimed to have come in contact with UFOs. 

Furthermore, Joseph revisited his prophecy of July 9, 2023, where he disclosed that judges are coming, who’ll stand up, and speak fearlessly against the evil culture. He went on to reveal that there’ll be more disclosures to the real issues that have been going on for a while which have been consistently hidden from the masses using the false UFO narratives and other smoke screen narratives. In addition, he revealed that we’re headed to the last days of deceptive narratives that will look so real to the point that people would believe it’s true. Reassuringly, Joseph encouraged us, saying that, whatever begins to manifest, we must not forget that “Jesus is Lord”. 

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0:00 Introduction

02:18 Real & False Women Leaders

06:05 Disney Will Take a Finacial Hit

07:23 Disney CEO’s Interview Broadcast

11:37 UFO Deception

14:32 Aliens: A Falsified Narrative for Mass Control

16:41 Deceptions & The Real Issues

17:39 CERN: The Narrative

20:10 Fortify Yourself in the Word of God

20:18 UFOs’ Witnesses Broadcast

25:39 The Judges are Coming

33:20 Sneak Peek on our Conventions & Conclusion